The Importance of Company Branding

Importance of Company Branding

Presenting your customers with a consistent message is vitally important. It’ll help to offer the reassurance that you are who you say you are, and provide that link between the products and services you offer and the marketing materials you put out. Can you imagine if McDonalds did away with their distinctive golden ‘M’? All of the associations you have with the brand would evaporate – since colours, shapes, musical cues, and the tone of voice you use on social media and Importance of Company Branding are perhaps even more important than the company’s name.

Letting your Customers Know who You are- Importance of Company Branding

Your customers need to be able to recognise your business. That means keeping everything appropriate to what the business does, but more importantly, it means keeping things consistent. The tone of voice you adopt on one social media channel should match up with the one you adopt on another. Of course, you can tailor your approach depending on who you’re talking to – but your identity should remain the same, wherever you are. This will help your customers to trust in who they’re talking to.

Achieving Unity

All of the marketing materials you put out should be branded consistently. This includes any signs in your headquarters, any flyers you post through letterboxes, and any banners you put on your social media accounts. If you’re issuing charge cards through an open banking platform, then you should make sure that your logo and colours feature prominently

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This applies even if you’re an agency-style company which doesn’t deal with the public directly: if you interact with people (as all businesses do) then you need consistent and recognisable branding. 

Building confidence

Branding takes a while to pay off. The effects tend to be cumulative. At first, your company will appear unfamiliar – but after awhile, your customers will come to associate it with a whole range of outcomes – good and bad. The role of branding is to instil confidence in the customer that your product or service really does do what they think it does. In some cases, you might look to deliberately undermine that confidence for effect – for example, if you’re putting out a special limited-edition version of a particular product. For the most part, only established brands can really pull this off.

Maintaining Focus

Your branding won’t just inform your customer’s behaviour – it might help you to determine what your broader strategy is, and keep you tied to your long-term objectives. When your customers come to recognise you for doing a certain thing, you’ll be less likely to stray from the path.



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