The Kissing Booth 2 is coming very soon on Netflix: What to expect?

the kissing booth 2
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The Kissing Booth by Vince Marcello has attained a whole different level of success among teenage viewers worldwide. First premiered on 11 May 2018 on Netflix, it has almost been two years since the audience eagerly waited for Kissing Booth 2. Now, it is time to deliver good news to such an audience. Netflix has already announced the Kissing Booth 2’s commencement, and its first look is out. So, are you ready to get goosebumps because we are presenting some mind-blowing details about the forthcoming sequel of the Kissing Booth?

Is The Kissing Booth 2 official trailer out?

Yes! Netflix has recently announced the upcoming status of The Kissing Booth 2. Fans are already excited and have kept their Netflix stream free for the date when the Kissing booth 2 releases. Of course, the expectations with the movie’s sequel are higher this time. And, when you see the Kissing Booth 2 official trailer, you will be satisfied as ever. Here’s a glimpse of it:


When is the Kissing booth sequel coming out?

“The Kissing Booth” is now open for business. Yes! That’s right. The Kissing Booth season 2 release date is 24 July 2020. Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix keeps its audience busy by introducing brand-new sequels of the best films and web series online. So, it is time to cheer for the Kissing Booth 2 forthcoming because the trailer says so many things about what will happen next! 

About This Movie…

First, The Kissing Booth is a teen comedy film that follows Rochelle and Lee’s story, two best friends who made a pact never to develop a love relationship with each other’s families to save their friendship forever. However, when Elle secretly starts to date Lee’s brother named Noah, she struggles to hide it from everyone and especially Lee. Further, when L.Flynn comes to know about their secret affair, things get dramatic. This teen movie highlights the major moments in a teenager’s life and simultaneously high school drama that reminds today’s audience about their life at school and how it changes and impacts friendship?

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At the end of The Kissing Booth 1st, Noah leaves to study abroad, and Rochelle continues her studies at Junior high. However, will these two be willing to keep a long-distance relationship as good as before? Or will Lee and Noah fall apart? It will surely mess up the work-in-progress friendship of Lee and Elle for sure. But, to see what happens, we have got to move on to the first look of The Kissing Booth 2!

Who are all in the cast of the Kissing booth?

  • Joey King is appearing as Rochelle (Shelly) OR “Elle” Evans.
  • Joel Courtney is appearing as Lee Flynn, 
  • Jacob Elordi is appearing as Noah Flynn.
  • Meganne Young is appearing as Rachel.
  • Stephen Jennings is appearing as Mike Evans.
  • Carson White is appearing as Brad Evans.
  • Molly Ringwald is appearing as Mrs. Flynn.
  • Morné Visser is appearing as Mr. Flynn, Noah, and Lee’s father
  • Jessica Sutton is appearing as Mia.
  • Zandile Madliwa is appearing as Gwyneth.
  • Bianca Bosch is appearing as Olivia.
  • Michelle Allen is appearing as Heather

Ending Explained!

When it comes to the Kissing Booth’s ending, everything seems to be perfect at the end. But, if you see, if a sequel is coming, it means that something beyond imagination is going to happen to the love story of Noah and Elle. First of all, in the end, Noah leaves to study at Harward. Elle and Lee make their end-time appearance at the airport to meet Noah. Finally, the audience encountered a very romantic yet simple “beginning to the relationship of the love birds.” so, do you have any idea what’s happening next because we know!

the kissing booth season 2
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What is the plot of the movie?

According to the understanding of the trailer, Noah and Elle are maintaining a long-distance relationship. However, Noah’s pictures on social media with other girl-friends lead to the beginning of insecurities. But, before Elle could overthink, a hot entrance at Elle’s school took away her heart. And its – Marco. Everyone in school is crazy about Marco. 

So, we are yet to see – if Elle and Marco get together, it will break Noah’s heart. What if Lee finds Elle wrong in triggering a triangle? Will Noah keep the relationship as good as it was before? Well! Everything seems chaotic for now and the puzzle of “the kissing booth 2” in our minds will be solved by Netflix on 24th July 2020. 

Hence, stay tuned with us if you want answers to all these questions. Good Luck!


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