The Modern Abacus: 6 Best Internet Security Software For Your Computer

Security software

Computer technology is slowly treading into next-generation specifications with the launch of a new line of components for various leading brands for Security. The platform is slowly becoming the norm for modern-day life and development. The practicality and convenience of using computers are undeniable because of how much they can speed everything that has to do with our lives today.

There is no denying our dependence on computers and our information is more at risk of getting hijacked and destroyed by hackers or viruses on the internet. This is where we must safeguard our information with the use of special software designed to fight unwanted guests peering into our personal data. Here are some of the recommended programs in 2020.

McAfee Internet Security

A veteran when it comes to complete Antivirus software, McAfee has been leading the charge against malware and digital viruses since the ’90s. The brand has since branched into smartphone applications and has met significant success since then.

McAfee Internet Security has all the features you would need in a program designed for cyber protection. Password protection and storage, Internet advisors, and an antivirus system that protects all of your devices with one subscription plan is certainly eye-candy for consumers. Supporters would even go far as to dare you to do a McAfee Internet Security review on their software to prove it.


A great and reliable new defender is Malwarebytes, and their antivirus and malware protection programs are top-notch, but where their software is the removal of malware from infected systems. Malwarebytes disinfects your computer of any existing malicious content that sneaked its way into your operating system. Five devices can be added to a single subscription, which is a plus.

Norton 360

Norton Security is another old-timer in the Antivirus industry, and it has protected computers since its first inception in the public market. The yearly subscription may be a little pricey, but they include useful features like backup cloud storage of 100gb, a VPN, password protection and storage manager, parental controls, and identity theft protection.


BitDefender is another great option for those looking for cyber protection for free. The program offers real-time monitoring for different types of threats on the internet. Antivirus protection is also reliable and robust and offers compatibility with most devices.

Trend Micro Maximum Security

Trend Micro doesn’t have that big of a reputation on the market like the others on this list, but what it does have are big features for a smaller price point. Trend Micro mainly focuses on enterprise security and with good reason as they earn high marks on Antivirus testing sites. A solid Antivirus package at an inexpensive annual fee is always a good deal.

Kaspersky Total Security

You can never go wrong with Kaspersky as their software consistently hits high scores on Antivirus and malware tests. The premium package even includes great features like backup software capability, parental controls, file encryption, and a complete manager for passwords. You can browse comfortably knowing your computer is safe from any cyber attacks when you go with Kaspersky


Staying vigilant and up-to-date with the latest internet protection software is a must if you plan to keep on using the internet and your computer in the years to come. We assume that computers will continue to be a part of your life and the lives of important people close to you, so we offer you this list in hopes of helping you protect yourself from unwanted internet threats.


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