The new AirFly Pro is the perfect travel buddy for your AirPods Pro- Here’s what special in this


Got a long flight home this holiday season? Wish you could listen to the in-flight TV using your AirPods?

Twelve South’s AirFly — a tiny device that connects your wireless headphones to wired audio jacks on planes, in fitness centers and anywhere else wired headphones were previously required. Just pair your wireless headphones with AirFly, plug it into the headphone jack, and you’re good to go.

AirFly: life hack for long flights and fitness regimens

With tech moving closer towards wireless design, AirFly is a godsend. Give yourself or a loved one a gift worth giving this holiday season with this simple yet serious life hack.

R.I.P awful airline headphones

When the movie begins on your next long flight, plug AirFly into your seat’s headphone jack and listen to the film with your AirPods. AirFly uses Bluetooth to connect your wireless earbuds or headphones to in-flight entertainment systems.

The new AirFly Pro is the perfect travel buddy for your AirPods Pro- Here's what special in this
The new AirFly Pro is the perfect travel buddy for your AirPods Pro- Here’s what special in this

No more detangling wired headphones or settling for those flimsy airline headphones. Pump pristine sound out of your AirPods thanks to a device about the size of the AirPod charging case.

The built-in battery stays charged for eight hours and includes a USB charging cable and travel pouch perfect for compact and easy travel.

Maintain cadence in the gym

It also plugs into the headphone jack on treadmills, ellipticals or stationary bikes, allows you to listen to fitness center TVs with your AirPods, PowerBeats or other wireless headphones.

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The AirFly Pro can also serve that function for home stereo sound equipment, speakers or other audio equipment that accepts audio in, but not Bluetooth streaming connections.

One other neat trick the AirFly Pro packs: audio sharing, so that you can connect two pairs of headphones at once.

No AirPods? No problem

This essential travel gadget (and workout buddy) works with all wireless headphones or earbuds. Setup is a breeze.

Plug AirFly into a headphone jack, press the “pair” button on the front of AirFly and then press the “pair” button on your wireless headphones. AirFly will then try to connect to your wireless headphones via Bluetooth. Just like that, you’re connected and ready to enjoy the high-quality sound with no audio delay.

Make AirFly your new travel buddy or stocking stuffer for the holidays!


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