The new GLC of Mercedes: lofty missions for a tall car


German luxury carmaker brought up a new version of GLC Coupe and GLC on Nov 29. And exciting about the car is its giant length. The Mercedes has launched the giant version of GLC in Singapore. This is not as tall as a giant but in comparison with other GLC versions, it stands far ahead in tallness. And this time the middle length sports utility vehicle(SUV) is all set to welcome in the market. The purpose of bringing this giant must be very clear as it’s featured as a sport car. The mid-length SUV is now on sale but you can buy the version of GLC 200 and GLC 300 4matic guise. Although the slinking spinoff of it’s is only available in  GLC 300 4matic guise.

And all you need to know the revealed price of the two. You can bring GLC 300 in $242,888 for the most powerful version while you need to give more amounting $21,000 for the coupe version of it.

There you go to get some of the features associated with GLC 300 VERSION

The new GLC of Mercedes: lofty missions for a tall car
The new GLC of Mercedes: lofty missions for a tall car
  • The back is renovated with a redesigned bumper and lamp that giving a new fresh.
  • Mercedes has focused more on the cabin and thus provided a 10.25-inch touchscreen and voice-guided interface called MBUX.
  • The new mild-hybrid drivetrains is a new renovation that will be noticeable to an engineering mind.
  • The new turbo engine is designed in a way so different to stay tuned. And you should also be aware that this feature is found in both versions of GLC 300 and GLC 200.
  • The engine is powered now with more horsepower speeding up the proficiency.
  • New electric motor, assisting the engine to reduce the fuel consumption and to smoothen the performance.
  • GLC 200 can cover 100 km in 7.8 hours earlier however took half sec more.
  • GLC 300, however, can take 6.3 seconds to cover the same distance.
  • New headlamps with distinctive LEDs.  redecorate to shine.
  • This time the look is more rugged due to redesigned radiator grille that sits above new bumper with bigger bash plate 

The launch of GLC200, GLC 300 versions this year is going to boost the Mercedes performance and give a new start to Mercedes in 2020.

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