The New iPhone 13 Features: Everything You Need to Know


The new iPhone 13 has arrived, but with all the hype surrounding the release, it can be hard to discern what the actual upgrades are compared to the iPhone 12s. What’s new? What hasn’t changed? Which features are you going to use most, and which should you ignore? Here’s an overview of all that you need to know about iPhone 13 Features:

1. Design

Same overall design as the iPhone 12s. With 2x optical zoom, portrait lighting, and updates to portrait mode, the camera on this model has been greatly revamped.

The major changes are that Apple has added a gold colour and adjusted the speaker grille to accommodate the new camera system.

2. Display

The screen is larger than other iPhones with similar screen sizes. It is 6.5-inches diagonally, but because of its rounded corners, it looks bigger than an 8-inch square! The display also features Retina DDX,’ which makes it easier for your eyes to adjust from looking at a normal computer screen to looking at the phone at close range.

3. CPU

The CPU has been upgraded to the A12 Bionic, which is a 64-bit, 6-core chip. This means it isn’t as powerful as the A11 chipset used by the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, but it should still perform well. It is able to run any app you throw at it, even when multitasking!

4. Battery Life

This phone has a huge battery life, more so than other iPhones. It has a 4430mAh battery which should last for days before you have to recharge.

5. Storage

The iPhone 13 comes with a huge amount of storage! There are three models in total, the 512GB model, 1TB model, and 2TB model. This means you will never run out of space, even if your phone is filled with videos that take up a lot of memory!

6. Camera

One of the main upgrades for this phone is the camera! It uses advanced machine learning to help you take better photos, and it has three cameras: two on the front and one on the rear. It even has a 2x zoom, so you can get close to an object but keep the background in focus.

7. Face ID

This iPhone uses the same Face ID technology as other iPhones, which means that it unlocks when you look at it. This makes it a lot easier to use and speeds up how quickly you can access your device! It also works in dark settings, which means you won’t have to fumble around for the switch on the side of your phone anymore.

8. Siri

Siri is smarter than ever on the iPhone 13, with a new mode called Siri Watch.’ It scans your face and lets you access all your messages and calendar appointments even when you have headphones on! With Visual Siri, you can also ask for information in a more natural way. For example, if you want to know the time in New York, instead of having to say, “What time is it in New York?” Siri will show you the current time on a map automatically.

9. Stereo Speakers

The iPhone 13 has a stereo speaker system that is powered by audio chips and has multiple speakers. You can now hear music even louder than before! It also preserves the quality of your music, so it sounds better than ever.

10. FaceTime Camera

As well as the regular front-facing camera, there is a new infrared camera that lets you FaceTime with friends and family who are far away from you. It adds a new dimension to your video calls, allowing you to see the person you’re FaceTiming with, even if they are in a different city.

This is the best iPhone yet! It’s got all the features you could ever want and looks great too. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or getting someone else a present, you should definitely upgrade to this new model.


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