The Oldest Casinos in the World – Some of These Will Take Your Breath Away


Historically, casinos Cricket ID have always welcomed wealthy and glamorous people. And therefore, had an innate air of sophistication to them which is evident in their design and some of the buildings that housed them. 

Of course, these days, modern Online Cricket Betting ID are a whole new breed. While there is a dress code, they are far more accessible and tailored to pretty much anyone. For instance, the new generation of casino patrons are more likely to log onto sites like

 instead of travelling to different destinations. 

Still the beauty of old casinos is just as captivating today as they were in their glory days. Here are some of the world’s oldest casinos which are still operating today.

Casino Di Venezia 

The oldest casino in the world belongs to Venice, Italy the city where lovers go. It’s believed that the Casino Di Venezia dates back to 1638, over 300 years ago. Where it was visited by the cities nobles via the famous Grand Canal

The gorgeous old building is in the style of classic Venetian design amidst extravagant décor in true old-world glamour. Today, the casino is still a hot spot for locals and visitors who enter to try their luck at blackjack, poker, roulette, and over 600 slot machines. Perfectly combining the old with the new. 

Casino Baden Baden

In the historic spa town of Baden-Baden in Germany, you will also find one of the oldest and still most popular both casino games and sports betting in the world. The casino was constructed in 1820 and attracted visitors from all over Europe since then. 

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Today, you will find modern slot machines and betting tables nestled among the opulent design and grand neoclassical architecture. One standout feature are the chandeliers scattered in abundance above the floor. 

Casino De Monte Carlo

Established in 1863, Casino De Monte Carlo is among the oldest as well as largest casinos in all of Europe. Prince Charles the 3rd was a major proponent in the development of the site and it was named after him. 

You will find the Casino De Monte Carlo as one of the glamorous locations for James Bond movies like Goldeneye and Casino Royale. Which makes perfect sense when you consider the beauty of the building and the nearby surroundings. It’s no wonder that even today, nearly two hundred years later, it still attracts the international jet set.

Crockford’s Club

As one of the oldest cities in the world, naturally, London had to be home to one of the oldest casinos as well. In this case, Crockford’s Club takes that spot, which originally opened as a gentlemen’s club in 1823. 

It’s believed that all of the English nobles and politicians were members. But the casino has had a tumultuous history, where it closed and reopened several times between 1923 to the 1970s. However, it did close down at last sometime in the 70s. By which point it was a casino open to the public rather than a member’s only affair.

Although the original building is no longer in operation, Crockford’s Club still deserves honorable mention on any list of the world’s oldest gambling establishments. 

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