The Perfect Ghillie Shirts That Are Disrupting the Fashion World!

Ghillie Shirts

Have you ever noticed on some scottish festival ceilidh or even on halloween people wearing these cool looking shirts having lacing around the neckline. Remember right? These are the shirts known as Scottish ghillie shirts or the shirts that always go with a kilt. Well, If you ever wanted to know about them i have perfect information for you just stay connected with me throughout. 

Scottish Shirts are one of the most popular items for men in Scotland, with thousands of shops selling them all over the country. The Scottish shirt has undergone many changes over the years. It was originally made of wool and linen, but now is often made of cotton or polyester. These are the best type of shirts that go with the kilt. People have been wearing these shirts traditionally since very long and they are till today a big part of Scottish clothing. 

Where did it all start? 

The Ghillie Shirt is a traditional shirt worn by Scottish highlanders. It was at that time made of wool and has a tartan pattern that is woven into the fabric. However, nowadays it is made in cotton fabric and it is famous as an easygoing shirt.

It is said that this shirt was designed in 1719 by John Macgregor, a member of the Clan Gregor. He created the shirt to resemble his ancestor, James II of Scotland, who wore the same shirt on his escape from England in 1651. Today, the shirt is a symbol of Scottish heritage, and when worn on St. Andrew’s Day is considered a sign of Jacobite support. The Jacobite shirt is widely recognised as the traditional dress for highland dancing and is often worn without a kilt with tartan trews or trousers. 

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What Does Scottish Kilt Shirt Feature? 

One primary element of the ghillie shirt is the calfskin binding beginning from the centre of the shirt and approaching the throat. This separates it from other freestyle cotton shirts. However, the ghillie shirt is most generally known as a backup to a kilt, it originates before the kilt and has numerous other present day uses. These shirts are well known among numerous fans and verifiable reenactors, including Renaissance fair entertainers.

Obviously, a ghillie shirt can be worn numerous different times too. It is especially appropriate for a semi conventional event, like a first date. It has a specific appeal that other long sleeved cotton shirts need, and can look particularly running on men with a more tough style and elements. It’s likewise perfect under a suit coat, or for even conventional events like a wedding, as long as the remainder of the outfit is more moderate. The ghillie shirt is a flexible garment, with a profound history and the style to keep on being well known. They are longer than a customary shirt, which is very useful in the event that you wear nothing else under your kilt. They are cut liberally in the body as well as the sleeves are also puffed, which allows freedom of movement. 

Perfect Shirt To Go With Kilts! 

Men wore baggy white or greyish material such as cotton shirts, hanging to mid thigh traditionally with kilts that are perfect for you. No designed, printed, or splendid hued shirts have been archived, kindly don’t wear them. These shirts were open, or secured with circles or button openings at the neck and sleeves. Other Shirts didn’t blend up with kilts however there are exceptions. 

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A Ghillie shirt, also known as Jacobean or Jacobite, is a casual conventional shirt typically perfect to be worn with a traditional scottish kilt. Ghillie shirts are viewed as more relaxed than their shirt and abdomen cover partner that is regularly seen with the kilt. Concluding, these Scottish shirts are just a perfect piece of formal wear you can have to be worn with your kilt. You can find them in great selection in our store, let’s just find one perfect for you here!


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