The power of a branded water bottle in the right hands: how to make brand ambassadors of your employees

make brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are crucial in spreading the word and reputation of your company. They endorse your values, showcase your brand’s ethos and demonstrate company loyalty outside of the office walls. But what are the best ways of transforming your employees into your very own brand ambassadors? In this blog, you will know The power of a branded water bottle in the right hands: how to make brand ambassadors of your employees.

Reflect on your workplace

The power of an authentic voice is worth an awful lot more than a paid-for ad somewhere. And the secret? Creating a fun, honest and collaborative workplace, full of brand ambassadors willing to tell everyone about how fabulous your company is! But how will you know what makes your employees happy – and what irritates them every day? Don’t be afraid to ask. Create a collaborative workplace where employees know they can air their concerns as well as let you know what works well. After all, HR and PR go hand-in-hand; happy employees make the best brand ambassadors!  

Make your employees feel appreciated

While you might not have the resources to give everyone the latest smart phone or a handsome car allowance, this doesn’t mean you can’t show your employees how valuable they are to you. Company gifts – especially useful ones such as mugs or water bottles with your company logo on the side – serve exactly the same purpose: they show appreciation. What’s more, by offering your workforce a gift like a water bottle, they are likely to carry it with them when they are on the move, such as at the gym or on public transport. Just think of the exposure your logo will get! 

Listen to ideas

The lifeblood of your company, your employees make your company succeed, so who better to promote it outside of the four walls of your office space? And since they spend almost as much time thinking and working on your brand as you do, then consider the fact that they too may have a few ideas of their own. Involve them in planning meetings, and go out of your way to ask them for their opinions, ideas and suggestions. What’s more, show you take their suggestions on board! Employees who feel their ideas are respected and listened to are more likely to feel a sense of belonging, pride, and ownership – and tell their friends and family what a terrific company they work for!

Make it personal

They say the future of branding is personal (you can listen to Talaya Waller talk more on this here), and this is certainly true when it comes to creating brand ambassadors. If you can create passionate, enthusiastic employees who want to talk about your company because they actually care, then you have struck gold. Reward hard work with a personal gesture: it doesn’t need to be extravagant; a thoughtful promotional product or even an unexpected day off can be just as motivating. 

Work hard, play hard

Show your workforce your fun side by creating memorable moments outside of the office. These don’t have to be costly company trips away; a simple ‘summer fun day’ at the park with a barbecue can signal fun and relaxation to your employees – and remind them that they are valued as people and not just members of a workforce! Time out of the office is also a great way to strengthen bonds and boost staff morale – as well as giving your employees plenty of positive talking points and opportunities to share stories on social media and with their friends!    

Embodying the key values of your brand, employee brand ambassadors act as a loyal mouthpiece of your company ethos, and a genuine endorsement of everything you stand for. By nurturing motivated employees who feel respected and valued at work you will also create brand ambassadors that are willing to tell everyone about it.



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