The Pros and Cons of Can Machine Manufacturing

Machine Manufacturing

The usage of technology has become integrated with our daily lives. It has become a necessity in our routine and is now widely used in the business industry. It is rather more prevalent in the manufacturing industry.

Various technologies are available in the market for the manufacturing industry to take advantage of.

Some companies would use systems, automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and many more. This will ensure that the whole production process is running smoothly and efficiently. 

Recently, the industry is transitioning towards machine automation. This topic has been widely talked about having both advocates and opposition sides.

Before picking aside, it is important to know the pros and cons in machine automation and most especially in the can machine manufacturing industry.  


Manufacturing industries going for machine automation means that a shift from the traditional method will provide the company more benefits than ever before. Here are the advantages that you could expect when opting for automation in a can machine manufacturing field. 

Eliminates the NonValue-Adding Activities

Eliminating the non-value-adding activities such as manual, clerical, and routinary tasks will pave the way for more time on value-adding activities.

It will ultimately improve the level of working conditions. Challenging tasks that require a lot of critical thinking will now be given more importance. 

Mitigation for Labor Shortage

Mitigation for Labor Shortage

This is more advantageous in the industry that deals more with skilled individuals or the workforce. The risk of having a deficit of skilled workers will be mitigated with the use of automated machines.

A good example of this is a can sealing machine supplier because they can rely both on human and machine labor. You can also visit the website of Logos Pack to see how they manage to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the industry.

You will be more at ease to know that the supplier that you are looking for is already using automated machines. This will ensure the process will be performed effectively and efficiently. 

Increases Overall Safety of Employees

The lesser workforce assigned on active, hands-on, and heavy tasks, the more employees needed for administrative tasks.

This also means that there will be fewer to no individuals that are prone to danger and accidents in the working site. Significantly increasing the overall safety of all employees. 

Provides More Accurate Process and Results

A canning machine itself is already programmed to perform repeated tasks with more accuracy than what the human workforce can do. It will significantly decrease the probability and risk of any human errors during the whole production process.

The automated machine can also provide a larger production volume. A more efficient and effective production process can lead to more productive business production. 


There is no such thing as a perfect machine or a perfect innovation. There are still things that technology can’t easily replace completely. The more modern the industry is today, the more modern will be the problems and issues that a company or the whole community will also face. 

If your company is still using the traditional method when it comes to producing cans and is still in doubt whether to invest in full machine automation, then it pays to know also about the disadvantages of getting one. 

Eliminate the Need for the Middle-Class Jobs

Machine automation can mitigate the labor shortage when it comes to skilled jobs but it will also eliminate the need for middle-class jobs. A necessary trade-off will happen if you will invest in the usage of machines. 

The usual and routine human jobs will be replaced by machines. This will lead to an increase in the unemployment rate that will also affect the economy of a country. 

Machines are Limited to What they are Programmed 

Unlike the human workforce that can do a variety of tasks, a can manufacturing machine is limited to the tasks that they are programmed to do. An automated machine can do the tasks more effectively and efficiently but they can only replace routinary jobs.

Continuous innovation might lead to a better version of can manufacturer machines but it also means that the old ones will become obsolete in the near future.

The speed of transition in modernization may also mean increasingly fast obsolescence of the machines. The need to upgrade to better machines soon means more costs and expenses for the company.

Expect More Pollution 

Automated machines run on motors so expect it to produce more pollution. The wastes and air from the production process can greatly affect the environment that we live in. 

It may also affect the health of the individuals, plants, and animals living near the manufacturing factories. It is equally important to take care of our Mother Earth to prevent any calamities from happening.  

More Costs

Utilizing machine automation needs a large number of initial costs as well as operational costs. There is a need to balance the benefit that you will be receiving to the costs that you will be spending.

Machine automation is more recommended for companies that have a large facility and need a large volume of production.

Machines and equipment also experience wear and tear. They depreciate as much as they are used.

The supervision, maintenance, and repair of the machines also mean more expenses. For the machines to continue working in their optimal state, you need to regularly check their operations and parts.


Just like any machine in the manufacturing industry, everything has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

Before going for a change of full machine automation, using a proper plan and thorough research is your advantage in having beneficial results when it comes to investing in new machines for your company. 

Be sure that what you are investing in is cost-effective and properly planned. You would not want to risk your company falling into the pit just because you did not weigh things first and just promptly joined the bandwagon right?

Make the right decision to achieve the best result.


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