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the purge 5
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The Purge film series has brought the world’s attention to “everything that can go wrong in the absence of law.” However, the audience takes pleasure in all the dark fantasies that this film series brings on the silver screen since 2013 after the release of the Purge 1. To be honest, Universal Pictures should take much pride in its total box-office collection of $284,112,750 for all 4 movies based on the purge. Now, the viewers are eagerly waiting for “The Purge 5.” rumors are 2020 film the purge may delay because of COVID-19 Pandemic. However, there is no official declaration up until now. 

Thus, what’s true and what’s not! Let’s begin the informative reading of “everything you need to know about the Purge 5.” 

What is “The purge 5” new release date?

The purge 5 titled “The Forever Purge” is awaiting for release in 2020. But, it is already May and there has been no official update on the commencement of the movie. To begin with, The Purge 5 is officially set for its release in July 2020 on 10. But again, seeking the conditions of the countries due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, many production companies are encountering unwanted delays in the launch of new shows and movies. 

For your information, some of the most awaited releases of 2020 are:

To be honest, this list can go on for a while. Consequently, fans are too thrilled as they are expecting the production companies to compensate for more entertainment in the meantime. Thus, the expectations from The purge 5 forthcoming movie of universal pictures are also high.

Is there a trailer for “The Forever Purge?”

No! Up until now, neither Netflix nor Universal Pictures has launched an official trailer for “the Forever Purge.” However, to the reader’s surprise, recently in 2018, Syfy and USA Network released “The Purge” web series based on a similar concept. 

Thus, if you are a fan of this concept, you can review “the purging season 1 and season 2 trailers” below. You can also rate this series for us in the comment section. Let’s take a glimpse:


The Purge 5 film series Vs. The Purge web series

The Purge 2013 movie revolves around the event called “purge.” It follows the story of the Sandin family in Los Angeles and their neighbors. The family supports the national holiday of violence and awaits to commit crimes without any potential consequences as its “Purge.” 

Next Purge movie, I .e.Purge 2 titled as “The Purge: Anarchy” released in 2014. This time the movie follows the story of sergeant Leo Barnes from the Los Angeles police department. He is waiting for the Purge in order to take his revenge for his son’s death. 

The 2016 Purge Movie called “The Purge: Election Year” follows the concept of committing purge on those who betrayed the government in one way or another. Although, this movie received a lot of criticism. Anyhow, this movie falls on the 2nd ranking among the Purge film series. 

In 2018, The purge 4 released. It was called “The First Purge.” To begin with, it is one of the most viewed movies in 2018. The reason being it followed the entire USA and the rooting of Purge in the country. That’s right! The movie basically showed the audience how the USA accepted Purge as the national Holiday, after all, it gives permission to all the possible crimes with zero consequences. 

At last, The Purge season 1 and season 2 produced under Platinum Dunes, Blumhouse Television, and Universal Cable Productions released in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Although, the concept of it is the same as the film series. But, it follows the story of 12 people who are trying their best to survive the night of Purge in the United States. On this holiday, all crimes are legal for 12 hours. 


In conclusion, the 2020 Purge national Holiday may get delayed. To summarize, “The Purge” includes violent episodes and scenes. Thus, it is recommendable to watch for 16+ and adults only. 

For those who have not watched “The Purge,” here is Movie4k where you can download the purge movie series as well as web series for free. For more updates, stay tuned to this article. Bookmark now!


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