The purpose of high anonymity proxies


Proxy servers are widely used everywhere. They are used everywhere: at school, in production and in the office. A device under human control has its own unique address, IP address. It allows you to connect to the digital world and acts as an intermediary between the user and the network. It has a connection to websites and allows access to blocked sources. To enjoy these privileges, you can choose from several types of proxies, namely: high-anonymity proxies, distorting proxies or anonymous proxies. It is high anonymous proxies that are very popular because of their availability and versatility.

A completely new high level of security and secrecy can provide an anonymous proxy that works on the basis of an HTTP proxy. An anonymous proxy while hiding your IP address identifies itself as a client, not as a proxy server, so it cannot be caught and banned. By using a highly anonymous proxy, you can avoid many of the locks associated with blocking regular anonymous resources and proxy servers.

How do High Anonymous Proxies work?

Your web requests are sent through intermediaries, that is, servers that use anonymous proxy data. Then, after the request hits the server, your previous IP address is deleted and replaced with a completely different one. Thus, the Internet server to which you applied with a request will not know that it is you who is performing a search. The main difference between highly anonymous and simply anonymous proxies is identification. Their method of identification precludes the process of discovering themselves as a proxy server, that is, they use a clean client base, only hidden. The whole process takes place thanks to HTTP headers. There are 3 of them. While using this type of proxy, you do not risk your security one hundred percent. You can be absolutely calm. When it receives a request to the web server, it looks through these 3 headers to form a response to the IP address from which the client comes. These three headers contain different information, the client, the proxy server, and the replaceable address that is visible to the Web server to which the request is sent. 

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We will not burden you with technical information on the codes, we will just explain you in ordinary words. Due to the fact that the first 2 fields are not available for the web service, it thinks that you are a regular user. While it identifies a spoofed IP address, you search for your needs safely and most importantly secretly. 

Benefits of using high anonymous Proxies over simple Anonymous Proxies

Due to the fact that you appear on the network as a regular user, you have access to the content that is prohibited for users who connect through a proxy server. Yes, there are sites that block requests from a proxy server or certain geolocation locations. Using conventional anonymous proxies will not give any results, your request will simply be blocked and you will not get access to the information. If you do not take into account this plus, you can always count on confidentiality and are not afraid of cyberattacks of any level. At the same time, an ordinary person without a proxy can be exposed to such a danger. However, in terms of security, all servers are about the same, everywhere you need to be careful not to be blocked and not to get banned from accessing information. 

Cases of usage high anonymous proxies  

In general, given that anonymous proxies and super anonymous proxies are extremely similar, you can use them in the same conditions and apply them too. The scope of their application is quite wide. 

  • The average user can use them to access information that is encrypted by certain local prohibitions or censorship. Sometimes it can help a lot to reduce the time to find the right information, because often if you go online with your personal address you will be blocked, sometimes there are even cases that are forever. 
  • Marketers who work on the Internet can apply for job duties, for example, in social networks. 
  • Business owners can apply them to protect their own brand, SEO, crawlers, and web scrapers stuff. 
  • Engineers also use them in sneaker copping, ticket scalping, and social media work process or advertisement for verification. 
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Let’s not forget that there are usually two ways to get proxy services and proxies in general. Yes, you can get them for free just by downloading them online. But ask yourself the question, will they be of high quality and work one hundred percent when the result is achieved? There we have a great problem. You risk your own security and, more importantly, the security of your own business. Buying the services of certified centers, you exclude this possibility. Pay attention to the products of high anonymous proxies of, where everything is extremely simple and compactly described, with important information and pricing policy. Having decided on the goals and functions that you want to get from a proxy, you will forever forget about the problems that bother you on the Internet. Ordering proven proxies you get a guaranteed result, high download speed, confidentiality, system flexibility and a proven proxy server with many IP addresses (including 3 types of headers that encrypt information for you that needs to be hidden).

No matter how much you want to, but still high anonymous proxies have distinctive features that carry the most important information. It will help your business to be always ahead, master new techniques and have access to all classified information around the world. Proxy services have a high level of anonymity and are therefore considered the best among all. The only thing worth warning the future owner of such proxies is that they may be more expensive. But their high price is naturally provided by important features and good content, as well as a grammatical support service. It is the technical specialists who will help to get out of complex engineering situations and errors. 


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