The Simple Guide to Sex Toys: Everything to Consider when Purchasing your Next Toy

your Next Toy

Sex is really fun, but do you know what makes it even more stimulating and euphoric? Adding high-quality sex toys into the mix. From vibrators to dildos and nipple clamps, there is a toy or accessory out there for everyone. And your needs will determine what kind of sex toy you buy. 

Need clitoral stimulation to orgasm during penetrative sex? Buy a clitoral vibrator. Want a toy that gives you both clitoral stimulation and the penetrating feeling of a penis? Get a Rabbit vibrator. Need some accessories for your BDSM play? Grab yourself some nipple clamps and a pinwheel. There really is a sex toy for every taste and every mood. So, here is your guide to the best sex toys for women!


When you think of a sex toy, you’ll probably think of a vibrator. And right you are. Vibrating toys are one of the best sex toys you can own, whether you’re coupled up or single. Regardless of your relationship status, every woman needs a good vibrator on hand. Pair it with a silky lube, and you are in for a world of pleasure. Here are some of the classics …

The Rabbit Vibrator

Created in 1983 by Vibratex, the Rabbit vibrator has been around for a while. As the first vibrator with both external and internal parts, the Rabbit caused quite a stir, but none so big as when it was featured on Sex and the City. Remember that episode when Charlotte got addicted to her Rabbit vibrator? There’s a reason for that! These vibrators are a great allrounder if you want both penetration and clitoral stimulation. Back in the day, the controls did not come built onto the device, so you had to deal with a wire hanging around while you were trying to get yourself off. Nowadays, it’s a one-piece vibrator available in lots of different colors as well as with waterproof coating so you can have some Rabbit fun in the bath or shower. What’s not to love?


  • Great for dual stimulation.
  • Great powerful options are available.


  • If you need purely clitoral stimulation, this one is not for you.
  • Getting the clitoral and internal parts in the right places can take some trial and error.

The Bullet Vibrator

This piece of orgasmic dynamite is a staple vibrator that every woman should have. Period. Think of it as a personal massager for your clitoris. It’s the most compact vibrator ever – the name gives this away – and it’s simple to use. Most bullet vibrators have a simple on/off button to control it. Easy! And although these vibrators may be small, they are also mighty! With vibrator technology being what it is these days, you can have some very powerful orgasms with these tiny little devices. What’s more, most of them these days are rechargeable. So you never need to worry about running out of batteries. If you love stimulating your clitoris and travel a lot, a bullet vibrator might just be your best friend.

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  • Travel-size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pure clitoral stimulation.


  • No internal stimulation.

Bullet Vibrator

The Massage Wand

No, this is not just a neck massager. Samantha blew that ship wide open in Sex and the City. No, this vibrator is a versatile toy you can use to stimulate or massage your entire body, including your vulva. Use it all over your body or use it just where it’s needed; it’s up to you! Massage wands come in big and mini sizes, powered by a rechargeable battery or mains-powered, not to mention they come in many different colors. This is a great toy for a couple to tease each other with during foreplay and an amazing vibrator for a single lady wanting some solo time. It’s also pretty much the only mains-powered option if this is important to you.


  • Only mains-powered option.
  • Powerful.
  • Versatile; use it alone or with a partner.


  • Not travel-size unless you get a mini version.
  • For external use only.

The Clit Sucker

The clit sucker is a relatively new toy on the scene, having only been on the market since the mid-2010s. These clever devices work a bit differently from the other vibrators you might know and love; instead of vibration, these devices use air pressure to generate suction force, which simulates oral sex. Some of the newest clit sucker devices on the market even use sonic pulses to stimulate the entire structure of your clitoris, leading to more powerful orgasms. Many women swear by clit suckers for achieving orgasm on a regular basis. Clit suckers are not as small as a bullet, however, they are not as big as a massage wand, so they’re definitely travel-friendly!


  • Great alternative for people who don’t like vibration.
  • Still a powerful option.


  • For first timers, it can take a while to get it in the right place.
  • Disappointing if you’re used to intense vibrations.

The Clit Sucker

The Wearable Vibrator

Ah yes, why use a vibrator in your house where nobody can see you when you could wear it out in a bar with your partner and have some discrete, earth-shattering orgasms in front of people that have no idea what’s going on in your panties? Enter: the wearable vibrator. These clever devices add an extra thrill to the user experience; your partner can control your toy for you! So if you’re into being surprised or dominated, this may well be your next sex toy purchase. And wearable vibrators aren’t just your average bullet vibrator in the gusset of your panties. Oh no, no, no. Nowadays, you can get some gorgeous, body-safe, insertable vibrators that pack a punch to your g-spot and clitoris at the same time. Say goodbye to just a dull buzz in your underwear. If you choose a good-quality wearable vibrator nowadays, you will be squirming on your bar stool. Just focus on your Cosmopolitan and let the pleasure take over you.


  • You can use it anywhere.
  • You can involve your partner.
  • Clitoral, internal, and dual stimulation options are available.


  • Remote-control vibrators can be a bit moody; people often complain of connectivity issues.
  • If the vibration becomes too much, you can’t just take it off in the middle of a crowded bar. Well, you could… but that would definitely cause a scene.
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Other Toys and Accessories

We’ve talked about the best vibrators to look out for. Now let’s talk about the best toys and accessories. This can mean anything from nipple clamps to pussy pumps. Basically, anything that doesn’t vibrate!

If you’re into a specific kink or fetish, you may find yourself needing to pick up some particular accessories or toys. Even if you don’t have a specific kink or fetish, why not just experiment with different toys to see what pleasure they can give you? You don’t have to be in a dominant/submissive relationship to test out a pinwheel and a pair of nipple clamps.

So what toys and accessories do I recommend? Here are my staple toys and accessories you should think about adding to your collection.

Bondage Gear

If the idea of tying your significant other up turns you on or the idea of being tied up makes you horny, you might want to think about investing in some bondage gear. There is a range of bondage gear on the market, from simple silky ribbon to hardcore leather cuffs for BDSM play. If you want to spice it up even more, why not get a spreader bar? This will keep you in a prime position for your lover to do exactly what they want to you.

Nipple Clamps

Not just for BDSM, these little beauties will give your nipples a little pinch, making other stimulations feel even more pleasurable. Just like any other type of sex toy, these come in a range of different types. If the idea of an alligator clamp doesn’t float your boat, you could try nipple suckers first to see if you like the sensation of your nipples being pinched. I’m pretty sure you will, though. It gets addictive after a while! 

Pussy Pump

People don’t talk about pussy pumps enough these days. We’re all about the bondage and nipple clamps; I get it. The pussy pump has been around for a while – I like to think of it as the underdog of pleasure. It works by creating a vacuum over your vulva or clit (you can get specific clit pumps, too), drawing blood supply to your vulva, and making the area more sensitive. Your partner will also get a hot visual of your vulva expanding in the vacuum. Pussy pumps are categorized as pleasure enhancer toys as they are designed to increase your sensitivity. When your partner goes down on you after removing the pump, you might find yourself closer to orgasm than you would normally. You’re welcome.

So, what should you consider when buying your next sex toy?

Now you know about the basic vibrators and sex toys to buy, here are some questions to ask yourself. These will help you determine which kind of toy you should buy.

  1. Do I want clitoral stimulation, internal, or both?
  2. Do I get annoyed by constantly buying batteries? Would a rechargeable option be better for me?
  3. Do I want to use this toy on my own, with a partner, or both?
  4. Do I want to use this toy in the bath or shower?
  5. Do I already have a version of this toy? (Too many of us keep buying the same old thing, so try to branch out and be adventurous!)


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