“The Sims 4” Newly Discovered University is real and to be Revealed soon


Not long after leaked pictures of the University pack came out, the official Sims Twitter account uploaded a gif showing a student Sim with the wording “tfw that essay turned out to super easy, just as riding a bike, “and with it a link to a Livestream which is scheduled to begin today October 22 at 4 pm BST/8 am PST.

The Livestream is all but set to formally confirm the upcoming release of a University expansion and will also present us with a release date too.

The tweet also drops a clue that the bio leaked along with the images – which talks about the fact the Sims will be able to go around by bicycle – is also genuine. You can watch it on Twitter or even on YouTube.

"The Sims 4" Newly Discovered University is real and to be Revealed soon
“The Sims 4” Newly Discovered University is real and to be Revealed soon

Images that have been captured from the Microsoft Store by Twitter account CaptureThe Cosmo indicate a December 17th release date for the Discover University expansion, which also combines with this video of the store that was posted on Instagram by user asairi_art_gallery.

However, that date actually could be particular to consoles: earlier leaks of a university expansion have indicated a November 15 release date on PC.

The Discover University name has constantly stayed the same throughout those leaks.

You can get to know the Discover University store page only if you’re on an Xbox One and in the US.

The expansion will bring about a whole range of co-curricular events such as juice pong and soccer ball juggling, and university societies will consist of robotics, debate, art and a “mysterious secret society”.

You will also be allowed to have your Sims’ dorm room and dress them for class.

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EA is yet to reveal the expansion’s existence in a detailed manner. Both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 had gotten their own university expansions.


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