The Society Season 2 | When is season 2 of “the Society” coming out? Real Update!

the society season 2
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The Society season 2: It goes without saying, the society mystery drama is one of the top-leading thrillers in the history of Netflix. To begin with, the drama goes beyond imagination when a group of teenagers goes on a school trip. Further, come back to find out that every person in their town (or even earth) has mysteriously disappeared and nowhere to be found. Of course, in the first season of the society, the audience viewed the excitement and curiosity among the high-school students who are a little bit enjoying their life without parents honking upon their ears. However, some students, on the other hand, are totally freaked out. 

On May 10, 2019, The Society season 1 aired. For the most part, the program grasped the attention of teenagers swiftly. Although, the possibility of what happened in “the society,” happening in real life is very low. However, according to some reviews, this series definitely generates an understanding of the world among teenagers who do not respect their parents and guardian enough. It delivers a lesson for those who think that they can clearly survive in a world without support, family, friends, and neighbors. 

After the finale of The Society season 1, the fan-base is eagerly waiting for its sequel. To begin with, in the finale of season 1, the audience witnessed the truth behind the mystery. Thus, this glimpse of truth has left a lot of viewers in shock. Whereas, some fans are eager to get to the ending. 

Hence, without any further ado, let’s see what updates we have about “The Society season 2” up until now.

When is The Society season 2 coming out?

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic across the globe, many world-class web series including LUCIFER season 5, The Handmaid’s Tale season 4, One Punch Man next season, Black summer next season, Carnival Row next season and others are delayed. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that this list may include “the society season 2” as well. Although, the creator of the show, Christopher Keyser has not officially declared any delay. 

But, it is for sure that season 2 of the society is coming. How do we know? Let’s see!

Is there a The Society season 2 Trailer?

No. Up until now, Netflix has not launched a trailer for The Society season 2. But, on its YouTube channel, Netflix has released a small video including the cast of The Society season 2. It says in the caption “More chaos is on the way. Season 2 of The Society returns in 2020.” Let’s take a glimpse of this update:

Thus, according to Netflix, the society season 2 will come in 2020. Although, it is already May 2020. Hence, we can expect this season to come in late 2020. Therefore, stay tuned to our page and give us your reviews of “what will happen in the next season?” in the comment section. 

The Society finale explained!

In the last episode of “The Society season 1,” named “How it happens,” we witness that the group of high-school students is standing up against each other in a courthouse (pretending one, of course). When it comes to running the town in the absence of everyone, Lexie and Allie are the two candidates. On the other hand, Grizz and his team are on some farming gig. Kelly and Allie tried to solve the mystery by recognizing how their driver behaved and argued with some parents. 

In the earlier episodes of “The Society season 1,” we saw that Becca is pregnant. In the finale episode, she gives birth to a baby girl and names her Eden. in between the chaos, Grizz and his team find out some clues that will help to resolve “what/how it happens.” Furthermore, Elle adopts a dog. 

the society becca season 2
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Here’s a big spoiler for those who haven’t watched season 1 yet. At the ending scene of the finale episode, Allie’s mother is petting a dog in the real world. On the other hand, in the trapping world, Elle has the same dog. Thus, the ending of the show was a bit mysterious. However, it also gives some clues to the audience on what to expect in “The Society season 2!

Hence, stay tuned to our article for more updates about your favorite shows. PEACE!


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