The Story Behind Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin’s Marriage 


Justin Bieber, when he came to a talk show as a guest he revealed his story behind he met his wife Hailey Baldwin. He joked that their marriage was arranged by parents. He is always grateful to his Christian parents.

Justin Bieber recollected the story pretty much in the same manner as wife Hailey Baldwin did on Jimmy Fallon’s show. He told Demi that they met on an early morning taping of a Today show. He also added that Hailey did not want to be there and that her dad had dragged her out of bed.

Justin Bieber shared that as Hailey was raised Christian, her dad took her to ‘introduce her to Justin and his mom’. He then joked that it was definitely an arranged marriage since the parents set this whole thing up.


Baldwin’s father met at Justin’s house as they invited him for dinner and said that he and his mom have the same values and beliefs. He predicted that they would be best friends forever.

A smooth relationship has formed between the two families and this helps Justin to strengthen his relationship with Baldwin.“It was definitely an arranged marriage now that I’m thinking about it,” Bieber continued. “Goodness gracious,” Justin says.

When Hailey Baldwin visited the Tonight Show recently, the model recalled meeting Justin Bieber with her dad when she was just 13 years old. She also joked that it was probably an arranged marriage.

It seems that Justin also sees it the same way. The pop star was recently invited to be a guest on the popular talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he talked about their relationship.

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Finally, Baldwin and Justin bonded with a knot in City Courthouse of New York in September 2018 which is two months after when they engaged. Recently, the young couple gave a treat to family and friends on 30 September 2019 in South Carolina.


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