The summer 2020 fashion trends


2020 has been an interesting one so far. Even though spring is upon us and, in many places, it is already nice and warm outside, the biggest fashion trends right now are pajama bottoms and anything that will fit Zoom/Skype calls and conferences. But the quarantine should end soon and, with that, things should start going back to normal. Most people will have more desire than ever before to go out, to showcase and experiment with different outfits and ensembles, to live life. 

Looking at the spring/summer 2020 runways that have all concluded sometime around September last year, we can separate the pieces that will be relegated to the high-fashion scene from the pieces that normal, everyday people will be actually wearing without even glancing at various online stylist resources

  1. Bright colours

The Marni and Jacquemus runways have showcased stunning neon tops and bottoms and we can already tell that these bright pieces will have the strongest presence this summer. The bright, poppy colours will not only allow you to reflect the positive spirit that comes with the warmest season but also receive the attention you’ve been missing sitting at home.

  1. Puffed sleeves and wrapped ankles

We’ve seen glimpses from street style stars and subtle revivals here and there last year and our forecasts suggest that this is no fleeting trend and more people will start lapping them up this summer. You’ll see people tying sandal straps around trousers and rocking puffed sleeves. We’re talking not only about pieces with swelling limited to the shoulders but also pieces with a more gradual increase down the arm, somewhat of a throwback to the vintage, 1700s French fashion from the Marie Antoinette era. 

  1. Drawstrings
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Drawstrings have been coming and going and the upcoming summer will definitely see a resurgence of ‘strings, sitting at the jacket’s waist, at the top of shorts, all over the place, really. With drawstrings, even the simplest, most mundane pieces come alive. 

  1. Emphasis on the Bra

You can bet that we will be dressing more risqué when we’re finally allowed to roam the streets. When you also take into account that the spring/summer 2020 runways have displayed bralettes with blazers more than most tops, rest assured knowing that we’ll be seeing most people’s undies next season, from sequin accentuation to exposed bandeaus to anything in-between. Hell, we’re even willing to entertain bralettes with pockets and we do not care what that says about the current state of things. 

  1. Metallic Hues

The SS20 catwalks could not get enough of metallic leather pieces, with silver hues across trousers, on trench coats, even splashed up and down bags. As long as you keep the rest of the look relatively muted, these pieces will not only be able to stand their ground but even allow you to throw together the most boring items you own and create chic, fashion-focused outfits. 

  1. Trench Coats

This is the safest bet we’ve made so far but we’re not about to skip something just because everyone can see the trend coming from a mile away. Trench coats have been coming back and becoming more and more rampant the last few years and this is not the time to cash in your chips and go home, this is the time to double-down and look into not only classic styles but also coats with more feminine touches, from different prints to pleats that work wonders softening this androgynous staple. 

  1. Low-Slung Pieces
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High-waist, hip-hugging tailoring has been dominating the sartorial landscape for quite some time now and this is the summer where things will get even looser, with low-slung pieces about to take centre stage. Pair them with elegant shoes and you’ll be able to balance the outfit, successfully walking the line between laid-back and sloppy.


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