The technology needed to develop online casino games and apps

online casino games and apps

The casino industry and online casino Cricket ID games and apps has undergone huge changes since the turn of the century, with advancements in technology powering a dramatic shift towards online play. In this blog, you will know about The technology needed to develop online casino games and apps.

The internet is now awash with hundreds of casino websites, each of which offer players the chance to play a vast array of exciting games.

From playing blackjack online to immersing yourself into the latest slots title, fans of casino games have never had it so good.

Read on as we take a closer look at some of the primary technology that powers online casino games and mobile apps.

Online casino website

Online Cricket Betting ID operators must invest significant resources into a website if they want to stand out in a tremendously competitive marketplace.

An attractive and user-friendly design is often the primary reason why casino players will choose to play on a particular site.

Gambling companies often use the services of external specialists to build their websites, although some of the biggest firms employ in-house teams to oversee the project.

The best online casinos feature an uncluttered front-end design which is designed to take users to the games in as few clicks as possible.

Most operators integrate content management systems such as WordPress into their website to host their marketing and advertising content.

Random number generator

The digital variants of casino games are powered by random number generator (RNG) software which determines the outcome of each game.

For instance, in an online slots game, the number is generated when the player presses the ‘spin’ button and determines what order the symbols appear on the grid.

The RNG is guaranteed to produce a random result every single time, meaning that all the games are completely fair.

The online casino operator is unable to manipulate any of the results, and must agree to the system being regularly tested by independent accreditation agencies.

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These include eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) who are one of the most trusted firms in the industry.

Mobile apps

One of the biggest elements that has driven growth in the online casino sector is the improvements in smartphone technology and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Many brands have started to take a ‘mobile-first’ approach to the design of their sites, as players increasingly gravitate towards their smartphones to access the internet.

Developers have expertly leveraged app software to create super-slick apps which allow casino games to seamlessly be played on mobile devices.

They integrate all the features you can find on desktop or laptop, giving players the chance to play whenever and wherever they want.

With the arrival of 5G Wi-Fi technology set to significantly improve connectivity even more, casino operators cannot afford to neglect their mobile offering.

Digital payment gateways

Whether you play casino games on website or app, you will need to use a digital payment gateway to facilitate all your deposits and withdrawals.

Much like other parts of an online casino, the technology that supports this has progressed massively in recent years.

Credit and debit cards were once the main online payment method, but many operators have shifted towards e-Wallets such as PayPal and Skrill.

Cryptocurrency payment methods such as Bitcoin have also become increasingly popular, while open banking is the latest innovation making waves in the industry.

Trustly are one of the leading providers of open banking services, with their intuitive API easy to integrate into casino apps.

Live casino games

One of the most exciting innovations to hit the online casino industry in recent times has been the introduction of live games.

These replicate the thrill of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino by allowing the player to interact with a human dealer or croupier.

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This reintroduces the skill element back into games such as blackjack, which many people believe is lacking in traditional digital variants.

Casino operators use optical camera recognition technology, a game control unit (GCU) and video technology to live stream games to the player’s device.

Instant messaging software allows the player to chat to the game host, further recreating the experience of playing in a land-based casino.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another emerging technology which has already impacted online casinos and the trend is set to continue over the coming years.

Automated chatbots are one of the main ways this has manifested itself, allowing operators to significantly improve their customer support.

AI technology is increasingly being used to tackle problem gambling, helping to create a more positive environment for online casino players.

The ‘big data’ generated by AI also allows casino operators to gain better insights into their customers which helps them improve their overall service.

They can learn which games are the most popular, thus helping them make better decisions about which direction to take the casino site in the future.

Virtual reality

As evidenced by the past couple of decades, technology has been powering significant changes in the online casino industry.

The next exciting development to impact the sector is widely expected to be Virtual Reality (VR) technology, which has been threatening to break into the mainstream for some time now.

A live VR casino game entitled Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt developed by Evolution Gaming has already made a big splash and more titles are sure to follow.

With a VR headset and controller players can access stunning 360-degree video content, taking the gameplay experience into another stratosphere.

It may not be too long before VR is used to stage poker tournaments. Imagine being able to take on the likes of Daniel Negreanu using VR for online casino games and apps!


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