The Tigers of cricket

Tigers of cricket

South Asia is a part of the world that has many highly successful cricket teams. This is true for the domestic realm but also for the international one. The platform 1xBet – your favourite betting site in Bangladesh allows you to wager on all of them, while taking advantage of several additional features. One of the most interesting teams from this part of the world is the one known as The Tigers of cricket. This corresponds to the Bangladesh national cricket team. Other great teams from this continent are:

  • Pakistan;
  • India;
  • and Sri Lanka.

The squad has had an interesting story. While success hasn’t come big yet, everybody involved with cricket in the country is working hard so that the team is able to claim a major trophy in the upcoming years. Your favorite betting site, which is 1xBet Bangladesh, allows you to make lots of wagers in this national team and in many there’s.

History of the team- Tigers of cricket

After the partition of India during the mid 20th century, the territory currently known as Bangladesh was called East Pakistan. This team tried to establish a national team of its own. However, it was short-lived. Later, in 1977, the official Bangladesh national squad appeared. This team is now available to bet live cricket match on 1xBet website, where all its matches are featured.

During the 1980s the Bangladesh squad obtained ODI and Test status, which allowed them to play top-level cricket matches. The first ODI match played by Bangladesh took place on the 31st of Match 1986. They faced Pakistan, and the Pakistani squad won by seven wickets.

Bangladesh had an unfortunate record after this match against Pakistan. They lost 22 consecutive ODI cricket matches. Their issues finally came to an end on the 16th of May 1998, when they faced Kenya and won by 6 wickets. Since then, the team has improved a lot, and the 1xBet website makes it possible to make a live bet on any cricket match from this team.

More recent success- Tigers of cricket

The team from Bangladesh has improved a lot since its creation. Said improvement is one of the reasons why betting on it at can be so rewarding. Some of the most remembered contests played by the Bangladesh team came as recently as August 2021. Specifically, they played a 5 Twenty20 match series against Australia during that month. The Bangladeshi won the series by a total score of 4-1, making it one of the best results ever for the team.

In the next month, Bangladesh faced New Zealand in a similar series. The Tigers came victorious with a 3-2 overall score. All these results mean that on 1xBet, placing a wager on the Bangladesh squad can be a great prospect.


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