The Trend of Home Baking is Still on the Rise

Trend of Home Baking

The Covid pandemic has created a situation in which so many of us have to stay at home. Therefore, many people have developed their cooking and baking skills. This has caused a surge in the time we spent in the kitchen. Let’s see the trend of home baking is still on the rise. 

Current surveys show just how much more time we spent in the kitchen. According to research conducted by Hammonds Furniture, the average time has increased by 92%. The average time in the kitchen during lockdown was 3 hours 25 minutes. That’s a stark difference to the 1 hour 47 minutes that we used to spend in the kitchen every day. 

How this new hobby is helping people to stay less anxious 

Learning how to cook can offer ways for people to express their creativity and make dishes that are fun that they and their family can enjoy. With a plethora of recipes that one can learn online, the possibilities for learning how to make new dishes are endless if one chooses to do this. 

Cooking and baking can be very relaxing – and encourage your creativity. Using all your senses when baking reduces stress and may make you feel less anxious. It has been shown to improve your well-being and even increase your self-esteem. 

Some tips to start baking easy things at home

Baking is a lot more simple than you might think. Learning simple recipes is a great way to get started. There are many easy cake and cookies recipes online. As you become more experienced, you’ll be able to do more. The important thing is to get started. 

Baking with premade ingredients

There are many cake and cookie mixes that come with directions that will allow you to get started very easily. Following simple instructions on a box or a package will start you on your way to learning how to bake. 


There are many online tutorials that can get you started in your baking endeavours. Searching YouTube for recipes for things you want to learn to bake makes things a lot simpler. The plethora of chefs that have their own YouTube channels are much greater than you think. Do some simple research and you’ll find a good teacher. 

Learning from a friend or family member

Another way of learning how to bake is by simply asking those who are more experienced than you. We all have a friend or family who is more experienced in the culinary arts than we are. A simple Zoom call will help educate you as it relates to learning how to bake. 

Baking can help you discover hidden talents you didn’t know you had. It will also be fun to impress your friends and family members with your newfound talent. Getting started is much easier than one might think.


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