The Trends that Will Enable Your Beauty Ecommerce Brand to Succeed

Kamala Harris Reportedly Raised Over $1 Million At Hamptons Fundraisers
Kamala Harris Reportedly Raised Over $1 Million At Hamptons Fundraisers

Ecommerce is a game-changer that continues to help businesses reach their full potential. Despite hardships in retail, the beauty eCommerce industry is flourishing, and new brands are coming out everywhere. To succeed, beauty e-commerce companies should continuously develop integrated systems to create opportunities and room for people to converse. Businesses also have to market products like they’re speaking to the consumers, listening to their wants, and making it happen.

Here are the trends you should get on board with if you want to build a successful e-commerce brand:

Priority for Mobile Users

One of the most critical trends for beauty eCommerce is mobile-centric development. The rise of mobile conversion increased sales by up to 55% in the year 2018. Predictions show it will go even higher by 2022. It is essential to listen to your client’s needs and give them a smooth shopping experience.

New advanced technologies like Progressive Web Apps can speed up and features mobile apps to mobile websites, offering a shopping experience that is easy and accessible. Most successful beauty e-commerce sites are now in favor of PWA, but they still give special offers on their mobile apps.

Ride the Demand for Korean Beauty

According to statistics, South Korea beauty products account for 3% of the global market across all industries. It’s the 8th largest among the most significant global cosmetics market with market size of around 8.8 billion USD in 2017. The online shopping industry holds 34.7% of imported cosmetics from South Korea.

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Because of the high demand, beauty eCommerce websites won’t go wrong with suppliers that offer Korean products. Asian Beauty Wholesale is a website that contains topnotch Korean and other Asian products. Click here if you want to buy affordable and high-quality skincare products from a reliable supplier.

Offer Express

These days, quality and speed take precedence. Modern consumers want more of the new shopping lifestyle and also expect businesses from the high street to offer Cash on Delivery and Same-Day Delivery. They are keen to spend more money if their product arrives quickly, so make sure that you give an expensive option of getting their product the next day. The demand is there; you need to know how to market it right.

Chatbot AI

The use of chatbot is relatively a new update in the market, and there is a forecast that by 2020, over 25% of customer services and support will link with a smart virtual assistant. It is a known fact that customers would appreciate an accurate and prompt response to their queries.

Automation would help busy merchants satisfy customers as chatbots are smarter and faster. This trend will continue to thrive and scale beauty e-commerce businesses, especially to merchants that have no time to keep up with messages and inquiries. With this advanced system, these tools can summarize frequently asked questions and can personalize the support system to a particular customer.


According to recent research, 60% of online shoppers would prefer watching a product review video than reading descriptions online. Because of this, eCommerce sites have found a way to increase website traffic and attract new buyers with the use of videos.

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Videos have their way of presenting products on a personal level, so make sure to go beyond just promotional marketing videos on your home page. If you can’t make your product videos, you can tap influencers who will be more than happy to do it for you.

Voice search

Over 20% of search inquiries are done using voice search, and predictions estimated that by 2020, it would go up to 50% or more. Voice search is a golden opportunity for e-commerce enthusiasts because more and more people are investing in Google Home or Alexa devices. Concentrating on long-tail keywords can help improve the voice search experience.

Voice devices can access your product pages and read descriptions. Take advantage by making sure you have placed a good, captivating text to make your product stand out.

On-site personalization

Content personalization is also a thing now. This technique helps to customize the content each unique visitor sees depending on their obtained shopping behavior. Research has it that 43% of consumers would instead shop with companies that can personalize their shopping experience. Having sections like “You might also like” or “Check this product” is vital for any store. It can help promote other products that have fewer reviews.

Final Thoughts

Beauty eCommerce may seem like a challenging industry to enter, but it’s a staple choice. The demands are rising, primarily due to the introduction of skincare routines to more people, and the increase of global beauty standards. Just make sure that you follow the 2019 trends to succeed online.


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