The Ultimate Guide To New Architectural Designs and Trends

Architectural Designs

Despite employment for architects growing at an average of just 3% each year, there is a new wave of architects and industrial designers now ready to push the boundaries of normalcy. Buildings are getting taller, simpler, and much, much greener than history has ever previously allowed, paving the way for a new era of minimalist architecture and architectural designs.

Over the past few years, there has been a huge push for sustainability in every sector, and architecture is no different. The demand for a greener, less consumptive approach to design has skyrocketed. Let’s tour through some popular architecture designs and trends in 2022 that might convince you to see buildings through a newer, fresher lens.

Exposed Steel And Glass Blocks

Spanning throughout the architectural industry, a variety of innovative new materials are emerging and creating waves across interior and exterior design trends. Raw, exposed materials are becoming a popular choice for residential, luxury, and commercial properties, reflecting the current shift in appreciation for natural and alternative resources. The use of exposed metal beams, glass blocks, and raw wood are all ranking high in the architectural design scene.

Steel is an extremely efficient building material, its flexibility allowing it to be molded into rounder, more creative shapes that align with design trends. Glass blocks (think bricks, but made of glass) are also gaining major popularity by bringing translucence and spaciousness to the table.

Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes are the hemispherical shell-like structures you may have seen at many upper-class festivals and luxury getaways. Based on the shape of a geodesic polyhedron, these urban, eye-catching dwellings offer both modernity and comfort. Part of what makes geodesic domes so popular amongst travelers and vacationers in 2022 is their combined value of visual appeal and functionality. The first-ever geodesic dome was created by Walther Bauersfeld, a German engineer who designed the structure as protection for a then-recently developed planetarium projector after World War I.

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The spherical form may be curved, but it consists of dozens of straight-edged geometric panels, which are often in the shape of triangles. Affectionately dubbed “geodomes” by the travelers of today, these bubble-shaped lodges are perfect for glamping in the forest, beach, or mountainscape.

Multifunctional Living Spaces Of Architectural Designs

As people have been encouraged to spend more time at home over the past two years, multifunctional spaces have become increasingly popular. Designers and architects find themselves seeking creative ways to merge multiple different environments at once, while homeowners find themselves reinventing existing spaces for more effective use of space. The new work-from-home lifestyle has breathed new life into household environments, opening up and creating more fluidity within the home.

Soundproofing and subtle privacy-enhancing features such as dividers have also become more prevalent within the urban architectural community. Open floor plans, spacious, interconnected rooms, and big windows have all been picked up by the unfolding trend of multifunctional living spaces. In the future, the world can expect to see greener, more sustainable architecture as well as influence from minimalist technology.


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