The Ultimate Guide to VR Physical Therapy

VR Physical Therapy

VR Physical therapy is a popular choice for people who are experiencing problems with their muscles, body movements, or even headaches. Physical therapy will help you get the most out of your body movements during your recovery under clinical supervision and safety. 

Physical therapists are on hand throughout the process to guide you through different exercises and consultations aimed at relieving your pain, improving your mobility, and helping you avoid potential surgery. Thanks to today’s modern technology, the whole physical therapy process is simplified by virtual reality which allows you to recover from the comfort of your home without going to the hospital. 

What is VR physical therapy?

If the term virtual reality is unclear to you, it’s a modern technology that creates a 3D effect of your movements and different inputs using a VR headset or device for complete immersion. Attending a virtual physical therapy program means connecting with your physical therapist online and taking a therapy session remotely using VR equipment and a laptop or smartphone for a video call. 

VR physical therapy sessions are completely the same as in-person meetings with your therapist, but they take place in the comfort of your own home. Physical therapists monitor your recovery exercises online while virtual reality makes the healing process more effective for you. 

Some clinics provide you with VR equipment and it is covered by health insurance. Keep in mind that such physical therapies are not suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy because of the flashing images in the VR headset in front of the eyes. Additionally, VR physical therapy is not recommended for kids under the age of 12.

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Expectations of VR physical therapy

Before you start with the VR physical therapy session, make sure you have a stable internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone for a video call with your therapist. You may be required to download a specific video conference platform that your chosen clinic uses for video calls with the patients. Make sure your camera is well placed, so your physical therapist can see your body movements as a whole. 

Put on your VR headset and listen to your therapist for the instructions. You will be required to do certain exercises and movements attending certified VR treatment rooms and applications for your recovery. The physical therapist will monitor your movements and all difficulties that may occur with proper instructions on how to handle them. Maybe you will need to use a chair, wall, sofa, or similar exercise assistance. When the time is up, you will get a professional consultation and advice for your further recovery.      

Benefits of VR physical therapy

The benefits of VR physical therapy are numerous and virtual reality is an amazing technological feat in today’s healthcare. The most prominent benefits are:

  • It’s time-saving. Having VR physical therapy sessions means staying in the comfort of your home and doing all the exercises your physical therapist has prepared for your recovery. It saves a lot of time because you don’t travel to the clinic every day, but meet your doctor online. So, instead of traveling to your hospital and facing traffic jams, you can use that time to stay motivated and focused on your recovery process before the online session.
  • It’s personalized. Virtual reality will allow you to have effective one-on-one communication with your physical therapist and perform individual recovery exercises depending on your needs. The therapist will be available for your questions and consultations during the whole session and track your recovery progress with the same intensity as in-person sessions.
  • It’s affordable. VR physical therapy is an affordable health care option for all people who need it. Every clinic and therapist who provides this service will provide you with a VR headset and additional equipment to ensure a smooth recovery. It’s all covered by your health insurance, so there is no room for worries.
  • It’s engaging. A combination of doing proper exercises and using virtual reality makes the whole recovery process more enjoyable than usual. You will get to engage in entertaining games and activities through the VR headset while maximizing your efforts without noticing it.       
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VR Physical Therapy


Physical therapy could be a solution for many people with health issues related to their muscles and difficulties in their body movement. Many people can find the whole recovery process hard, but virtual reality makes it more engaging and time-saving. 

VR physical therapy lets you connect with your physical therapist online and perform certain exercises using a VR headset for VR treatment applications. It’s all done from your home and your doctor will track your progress without going to the clinic in person. Such therapy will help you achieve better results faster and make the whole process enjoyable.


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