The Upturn of e-Sport Industry in The World


The e-Sports industry has made its impressive progression since the 2010s, but the result of that effort has just now been felt by the youngsters who are eager to play games in their streaming service such as Twitch. As such, e-Sport rises to power by making a meteoric rise in its revenue by more than a billion dollars which makes the sports activity even more promising than ever. We should also never forget about the award that comes after the game.

When we are talking about the e-Sports industry, people tend to believe that e-Sport is still an underground activity with fewer people playing it. The fact is that the industry is surprisingly huge and its fame has been known among many people. Throughout the year, its advancement and progression keep improving with the support of the latest technological advancement such as social media, and gaming equipment. Thanks to those improving factors, the industry believes that its revenue might reach over $1.8 billion by the end of 2022. This is not just a mere dream as there are dozens of people who are actively playing games for fun and career.

You may be surprised by how e-Sports revenue could get that far in the future. It is actually possible as it is a sport that is basically applicable in many different sets of place and times. Whether it is rainy, lack of transport, or pandemic going around, people can still play games as a sport as long as there is the internet. As long as the internet stands out, e-Sport might survive the worst scenario possible as it is not affected by nature. Having said that, its progression might get a little bit slower due to the massive scale of world disease like pandemic which can cause people to play their games at home. Nevertheless, they can still play online with the internet and can earn some money from agen judi bola in this pandemic.

Although e-Sports holds many interests in the young generation, it might get a little bit trickier with the older generation as they do not quite keep up with the advancement of gaming culture. The older generation might be more familiar with games like NBA and FIFA which are still good to play. However, if they want to feel something diverse, they should pay a little more attention to games such as Counter-Strike, and Fortnite.

What of Today’s e-Sports Activity?

Even though e-Sports industry is an everlasting activity supported by the internet, they can still encounter many obstacles such as rapid stoppage on their movement. This can be foreseen through massive restrictions due to pandemics or mass-disease in the world. As a result, most of the players and their team will have to win their tournament at their home. Back then, people would prefer to do the tournament live on stage. This encourages e-Sports organizations to buy out arenas, stadiums, and exhibition halls to hold many tournament agendas for fans and players to experience the crazy atmosphere directly.

Thankfully, as there are lots of demands for holding e-Sports tournament on stage, the revenue keeps spiking to the top with tremendous sponsorship coming from the investing organization which is already in agreement with the teams working together with them. This trend keeps improving until the recent restriction that keeps the players at their home so that they can play their games casually even the experience is not quite the same. Having said that, it truly is thought-provoking to know that e-Sports can adapt to any circumstances that do not put them in a hard string. As flowing as it gets, people will believe that e-Sport could take control of the world’s trend as long as it is covered with the internet.

The e-Sports Statistic Telling the Truth

By looking at the statistics, you will notice a huge improvement in revenue over the last couple of years. When we are talking about active players and viewers, the number goes to 335 million people as viewers in 2017. It is expected that by the end of 2021, 600 million people will be more interested to watch e-Sports. Fortunately, in the recent technological improvement. There are lots of social media that can be used to stream games or watch them unfold. Social media like YouTube or Twitch is everyone’s choice to dive into the craziness of the e-Sports trend. Through those two media, it is likely for the e-Sports industry to increase people’s awareness of the trend and encouraging them to keep playing so the e-Sports activity can succeed.

What will be of e-Sports?

The future of e-Sports may look bright like a diamond but there is still a lot of things to do to ensure the progression of e-Sports. Even though there has been a lot of organization funding the e-Sports tournament, the e-Sports industry need to keep up with those that are not accustomed to the trend of e-Sports. Appreciatively, football teams like PSG and Manchester City are keen to invest their money in e-Sports with benefits coming to them in the end. If e-Sports trends are recognized by a lot of people throughout the world, there will be no worry about the future of e-Sports.



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