The Voice’ finale: Jake Hoot wins Season 17, giving Kelly Clarkson her third win

Jake Hoot wins Season 17, giving Kelly Clarkson her third win
The Voice' finale: Jake Hoot wins Season 17, giving Kelly Clarkson her third win

Country artist Jake Hoot won the season 17 title in Tuesday’s Finale episode, giving his coach Kelly Clarkson the third win on the show.

‘Oh, God! Oh God!’ 37-year-old Kelly announced as the winner, shouting that the red streamer fell from above while running to hover over her. ‘I told you! I told you!’

Jake’s girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter, Massey, also joined him crying. Rock singer Ricky Duran, 30, widely seen as a serious threat to Jake’s win, was runner-up, 38-year-old powerhouse Katy Kadan and 35-year-old soul singer Rose Short.

“It’s been a hell of a journey,” Blake Shelton told Ricky’s coach Blake Shelton before the 43-year-old won Jake’s title. ‘Standing where you are is incredible.’

The Voice' finale: Jake Hoot wins Season 17, giving Kelly Clarkson her third win
The Voice’ finale: Jake Hoot wins Season 17, giving Kelly Clarkson her third win

Blake said, “I hope you have taken it and are living in the moment.” ‘Artists with huge hits and record deals don’t get this opportunity. You guys have earned this place. ‘

As Kelly waited for the results, he addressed 31-year-old Jake directly, still noting the fact that no other coach had blindly followed him during the audition.

‘I’m proud of you,’ he said. ‘And thanks again, Shelton, for not turning around.’ As the most well-organized artist of The Voice in recent weeks, Jake has overwhelmed a fan of ‘Hooters’ who relish his passionate voice and humble personality.

He has talked about the fact that he and his seven siblings joined his parents in missionary work as children, and Jake later played football for Tennysay Tech University.

In recent years, the Tennessee resident, a Tennessee resident, has focused on being a single father to Messi, and said staying away from him was the hardest part of the competition on The Voice.

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Her divorce from her mother was her ‘lowest point’, Jake admitted on Monday, writing about it before singing the song, Better of You.

At 5’3, ‘Kelly barely reaches 6’6’ Jake’s shoulder, but they had an equally matched partnership, with two down-to-earth singers calling themselves ‘Team Cake’.

Kelly often joked that she was his best friend and that his children, whom they both called ‘snuggle buddies’, could never meet, which meant they could fall for each other.

“I can’t thank you enough”, “Jake told Kelly before winning.” ‘To give me every chance, by the way, to convince me from the get-go.’

He said, “I have not only evolved as an artist and a person, but you have made me a better parent with my love for my children.”

Kelly immediately began to wobble and at that point hide her face with her hands. Jake first described her coaching style as ‘tough love’, stating that she understands what she was doing as an artist, and noting that ‘we have become true friends.’

Kelly tells him at one point that pleases never become a bastion. ‘I will punch you.’ Jake performed a duet with the country acting Little Big Town, set on his new song Over Drinking from his upcoming album Nightfall.

As usual, his performance had fans crying ‘Hoot! Hoot! ‘As it ended. Jake Hoot Jake’s victory would give Kelly bragging rights over his old pal Blake, who could win his seventh title as champion of The Voice if Ricky won.

He and his contestants also grew closer, with an easy banquet backstage. Blake teased the resident of Austin, Texas, saying, “There is a desire somewhere that he can sing because you were part of his talent from God’s talent pool.” ‘Did you feel bad?’

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Blake also liked about Rikki’s tight, ‘karate-ish’ pants & tried in vain to pronounce the name of Ricky’s hometown, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Ricky said, “Blake is more than just a coach.” ‘He is always looking out for me.’


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