The Walking Dead Season 10: Possibilities of Andrew Lincoln’s Return To The Show

The Walking Dead

After the 5th episode of the ninth season of one of the most popular shows around the world- The Walking Dead aired last November, many fans were left heartbroken when the fan favorite character and the lead of the series, Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln exited the show.

Usually, an end for a character in the show means a brutal death. But this was not the case with Grimes.

In the fifth episode Rick is rescued by Anne in a helicopter, unknown to everyone else. The English actor wanted to leave the show because due to the tiring work schedule he wasn’t able to spend time with his family.

Being the center of a pop culture franchise can be extremely gruesome.

The Walking Dead

Though he won’t be a part of the series, the star revealed an year ago that he would be directing in season 10. Also, there was much speculation that a movie franchise starring Lincoln is in the works.

However, it looks like Andrew Lincoln won’t be returning to direct the series due to a conflict in schedules, according to Entertainment Weekly.

But the fans need not worry as the Rick Grimes spin-off movies are still in production as planned.

At the annual San Diego Comic Con AMC Studios revealed a trailer of the first film.  The trailer didn’t contain any real shots from the movie itself. But the trailer ended with “Rick Grimes returns. Only in theaters.”

Scott Gimple who’s one of the creators of the show had revealed that they had a trilogy in mind for Rick Grimes.

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So it looks like Andrew Lincoln is about to get paid.

AMC also has other spin off series in development, one of which will feature two female characters in the lead roles.

We have already seen a successful spin off of TWD in Fear The Walking Dead. What the future holds for the hit series and TWD universe, remains to be seen.


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