The Witcher 3: CD Projekt declares Ciri’s dazzling samurai activity figure


Curators of official CD Projek merchandise open pre-order for Ciri’s amazing Samurai Action Figure: Let’s take a look at the festive statue dedicated to the fearless warrior of The Witcher.

Wild Hunt, the new item of desire for passionate collectors of The Witcher 3, is tied to the final act of the Strigo epic, which gives the young series a way to manipulate the fabric of space-time and become a proud hunter of Japanese folk fantasy creatures.

The Samurai version of the Ciri is 35.56 cm high, fully designed and hand-dyed, made of artificial stone and incredibly well-placed, ranging from the girl’s face to the artistic representation of her kimono and the new hunting ancestor demons Claims the details.

The action figure should be marketed in the second half of 2020, with the booking price set at 247 euros (exclusive shipping cost, which should still be around 3/4 euros).

The Witcher 3: CD Projekt declares Ciri's dazzling samurai activity figure
The Witcher 3: CD Projekt declares Ciri’s dazzling samurai activity figure

Without delay, we leave you with a presentation film by CD Projekt to announce the opening of pre-orders for the festive statue of Ciri with Fox Kitsune. Serie is a notable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Also known as the Child of Destiny, Ciri is generally described as a weapon that has the potential to destroy the world she inhabits. Also, she has a relationship with Geralt being an apprentice when she was younger.

Ciri is an orphan, thinking that most of her parents were dead for her life. Geralt found Ciri after the invasion of Cintra during the war and then adopted her. Emri tries in the books to bring Giri back so that he can marry her.

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Geralt is a stronger character than he is because he has experience, knowledge, and self-control. Till now no Witcher has ever died of old age in the games or the books. So it is nearly impossible to ascertain when a Witcher will die.

Sorceresses can live longer because there is a potion that they can drink which is made by Ortolan that stops the aging process.


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