The Witcher season 2 trailer | New release date, plot twist, and spoiler alerts

The Witcher season 2
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Production of the Witcher season 1

There are very rare web series on Netflix akin to “The Witcher.” This Fantasy drama grows beyond the imagination of its viewers and throws one of the best modern faces of supernaturals. To begin with, the witcher season 1 aired in December 2019 on Netflix. Although, the Witcher season 2 is on the wait. For the most part, this serial drama gave goosebumps with its amazing first-look of characters. Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of the story who is the witcher, a.k.a monster-hunter. The creator of the show, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has re-generated the light novel named “the witcher” by Andrzej Sapkowski, a very prominent Polish writer. 

The Witcher ratings

To begin with, the most amazing factor of “The Witcher season 1” success is that it collected over 400 million USD at the Box office. Well! That’s something. Not only this, but IMDB also received an 8.3 rating for the show out of 10. Apart from this, Rotten Tomatoes received approval from 67% of the audience which is not at all bad. Last but not least, common sense media parades “The witcher season 1” as 4 out of 5 rating which means it is quite a show for the family. 

The Witcher finale season 1
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Now, the viewers are eagerly waiting for the sequel of The Witcher. According to the recent updates, The Witcher season 2 was going for production in 2020. Let’s see when it will come out.

What is “the witcher season 2” release date?

It is no doubt that the whole world is going through a coronavirus pandemic. Hence, likewise, other Netflix series such as Lucifer season 5, the handmaid’s tale season 4, black summer, and carnival row; the production as well as the release of the witcher may get delayed. 

Although, before the release of season 1 of the witcher, Netflix had declared the release of the witcher season 2 in 2021. Hence, we can assume that after finishing production in late 2020, Netflix will come back with season 2 in the early/mid-2021. 

Till then, for the viewers who have not watched the witcher season 1 yet, check out the trailer below and leave your reviews on the first look of the witcher in the comment section.

What is “The Witcher” plot summary?

The Witcher is an American web series based on a book called “The witcher.” its plot revolves around Geralt of Rivia who is a monster-hunter. He craves to find his value in the world where people are not only beasts but wicked. To begin with, Geralt of Rivia is neither a bad nor a good character in the story. To summarize, he lives among the corrupt kings and queens. Further, he feels bad for the normal people around him who go through horrible stages of poverty. 

More characters in the story make it interesting. To name a few, there is a princess Cirilla, a young princess with signs of mysterious power within her. Furthermore, there is Jaskier the bard who is one of Rivia’s friends. He is annoying which definitely brings a little bit of comedy factor to the story. At last but not least, there is queen Calanthe who is old and ruling the world for a while now. She is rooting for every danger to everyone in the drama. 

The witcher season 1 ending explained!

To begin with, in the finale episode of the witcher season 1, the Nilfgaardian forces are at the edge of invading the northern kingdoms. However, Yennefer and the mages are gathering together to stop. Geralt lends a helping hand to the gravediggers of the dead and further, fights with the undead. At last, he gets unconscious because of all the injuries. 

The Witcher season 1
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On the other hand, Ciri wakes up and finds her among the dead bodies. Also, she encounters the girl whom she met earlier. She takes Ciri to the farm. Above all, Nilfgaardian forces made their first move on the kingdoms. In order to get back, Yennefer and the mages also attack which lead to the death of innocents in the war. 

Although, the ending of the witcher had been somewhat amazing as Ciri wakes up in the forest and she sees Geralt. They both hug each other. 

In conclusion, stay tuned with us for more updates. In the next season of the witcher, the audience will definitely get a treat of hardcore romance between Ciri and Geralt. 


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