The Yeezy Foam Runners remind people of another foam shoe


Well, Kanye West is one multi-talented man for sure. Apart from being a musician and rapper, the star manages to keep his business going at best. He is a successful musician, rapper and businessman. Very few people have such a tremendous amount of talent in them.

The rapper and musician has a brand named, ‘Yeezy’, also called as Ye. Yeezy is a fashion brand for Kanye West. He showcases his carefree and unique fashion sense on his Yeezy which has a very mixed audience.

Moving ahead, Kanye West has announced that he would be introducing new Yeezy Foam Runner to the market in the upcoming year, 2020. He released a picture of the Yeezy Foam Runners and here’s how people reacted to it.

The Yeezy Foam Runners remind people of another foam shoe

To be very honest about it, the reaction from people wasn’t that amusing. Twitter took on a ride to make fun of the supposedly fashionable Yeezy Foam Runners. They found them to be another pair of ‘crocs’. While some went to mean with their expressions about the new runners, some made it a topic of jokes and memes.

All that is happening around us that Twitter fam is having a good time making fun of Kanye West and his Foam Runners.

According to Kanye West, these runners are a futuristic and fashionable article. The runners do have a resemblance to the croc. They are not equipped with any chains or laces. The footwear has a clog like design with way too many holes throughout.

We did get a glimpse of the similar-looking footwear which was worn by Kanye West’s own daughter in public. Soon after, here is the announcement for the futuristic Yeezy Foam Runners to be released in the market super soon.

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The porous, crocs like footwear are to be in the markets in the next year.


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