Things to do in Grand Rapids – A Complete Itinerary for a trip to Michigan!

Things to do in Grand Rapids
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Are you having a one-day trip to Michigan? Well! Many people will suggest you spend your one day in Michigan fishing. It is one of the most prominent activities in this US State. However, do you know? Grand Rapids, Michigan, is one utmost adventurous location that you do not want to miss. To the reader’s surprise, Grand Rapids is the top-most second largest city of Michigan, where you can experience the sights of the most beautiful commercial buildings all over the world. Want to know what other interesting things to do in Grand Rapids? Well! You are in the right place. 

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A few weeks ago, our team took a very indulging artsy trip to the second-largest city of MI, i.e.., Grand Rapids. This trip mainly revolved around the exploration of the best locations in Grand Rapids for outsiders. Thanks to our vlogging experts, we brought you a concise guide on a list of things to do in Grand Rapids, the furniture city. 

Bonus fact: do you know? Grand Rapids is called the “Furniture City” as it is the leading ground for the five most successful furniture manufacturing companies at the global level. Also, in the early 2000s, Grand Rapids also acquired the nickname “Beer City,” as it is also home to prominent breweries, including Budweiser. 

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#1: Things to do in Grand Rapids? Visit the “John Ball Zoo”

Humans do not get a lot of chances to connect with wildlife on a daily basis. However, in the John Ball Zoo of Grand Rapids, you wouldn’t want to leave any single minute to waste. In this enormous Zoo premises, visitors come across ultimately trained chimpanzees, Tigers, Hippos, Pandas, and whatnot. It is one of the most interesting and environmentally friendly things to do in Grand Rapids. And if you have kids with you, a visit to the zoo can make it a learning trip. 

 John Ball Zoo is beautiful at night time with all the light decorations. Animals during the night also seem more energetic. Not only this, but at the zoo, authorities also provide adventurous experience opportunities to visitors. For example, you can spend time brushing a goat’s back at the farm or have a close-up picture with a tiger. 

Things to do in Grand Rapids
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Bonus fact: Do you know? In Grand Rapids, rodents like raccoons, rats, opossums are very common. Henceforth, travelers on their way to Grand Rapids often purchase peppermint oil to avoid close encounters with harmful rodents, as peppermint oil or tea are strong repellents. 

#2: Grand Rapids Museum for Children

Believe it or not, but in the event that you are traveling to the hardcore ways of Grand Rapids, you want your children to be at someplace safe as well as fun. Thus, comes the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. It is one of the best things to do in Grand Rapids. And it is noteworthy to mention that at this museum, our experts’ experience was equivalent to being in Takeshi’s castle. 

Apart from this, the museum is loaded with fun-filled activities for children such as field trips, science experiment labs, playhouses, painting castles, etc. For the most part, you can have a nice trip to the museum with your kids and have a nice time to yourself as well. 

Things to do in Grand Rapids
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Bonus fact: Do you know? The Grand Rapids in Michigan is the USA’s third-largest area with the highest production of Apples. To the reader’s surprise, you can visit open-for-pubic Apple farms in this city and pick your own Apples. Each year, in Grand Rapids, an AppleButter fest is held.

#3: Blandford Nature Center

According to our personnel Grand Rapids travelers, Blandford nature center visit is the top 3rd thing you can do in this city. One of the most spectacular facts about this nature center is that all animals preserved in this center have been rescued from either terrible street life or injury. The entire center is built based on the specific requirements of animals. 

It offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for kids as well as adults to interact with wildlife in a unique manner. Not only this, but in the past few years, Grand Rapids’s Blandford Nature Center has become prominent for its educational trips for kids as well as adults to learn about the habitats of animals who live by their own rules. 

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It is one of the most amazing locations to capture photographs with animals of different species that you have always been curious about!

Apart from this, if you are suffering from a generous nerve to give back to society, you can begin by volunteering for animals’ health. Isn’t it the best way to learn how to take care of an injured animal? It’s an experience that will help you rescue animals from unfortunate situations in the future. 

#4: What are the best things to do in Grand Rapids? Begin with Mountain Biking!

Are you visiting GR, MI after a number of months at work and home trouble? Get your health in line as well as achieve the true sense of connecting with nature via mountain biking. This is an adventure that you cannot run away from. 

For the most part, the city of Grand Rapids is widely known for its well-built and not-so-rough Mountain biking pathways. Henceforth, even if you are planning to go on this journey alone, you will still be under 100% security of GR forest and mountain security police. 

There are multiple mountain biking trails in Grand Rapids of Michigan, including the Luton Park (perfect for sunrise view and sight of the farm), Riley trail (for tall trees and the sun shining through them), Pando Ski Area, Merrell Trail, and Cannonsburg State Game Area. 

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There are multiple small-size mountain bike shops in Grand City from where you can rent a bike and go your way. They are often available at low prices. Hence, you do not need to go out of your way to achieve your biking goal and gain some internal satisfaction. 

Bonus fact: Do you know? In all over the United States, the Grand Rapids City of Michigan in 1945 became the first-ever city to add “fluoride” to drinking water bodies. At the time, Grand Rapids was filled with snakes.

#5: Grand Rapids Ski Rental adventure

Adventure in Grand Rapids begins with skiing. In the event that you are deeply interested in snow skiing, the best time to visit Grand Rapids is anywhere between the months of November and April. Snowing in Grand Rapids is widely adventurous. Do you know? It snows 64 inches in GR’s per year. 

There are multiple ski rental locations in Grand Rapids where you can rent skiing equipment, clothing, and safety accessories. 

Things to do in Grand Rapids
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Skiing is quite helpful to relieve stress and have internal satisfaction. You would be surprised to know that many health retreats also take place in Grand Rapids if you are interested in socializing in general. 

#6: Trip to Downtown Markets

When it comes to traveling, shopping in a new and unexplored city is inevitable. Thanks to Grand Rapids’ wide array of aesthetic locations, shopping here is going to give a complete day of fun. To the reader’s surprise, GR downtown market is filled with small and large shops for clothing and food. 

Believe it or not, but you can find some food courts here that serve the most distinct food from different countries. It is also a fun place to hang out at night time. It is particularly secure for tourists, and you as well as your companion can capture some instagrammable moments while eating and shopping here. 

#7: Premises of UICA – Urban Institute of Contemporary Art

Who does not love art? It is one of the easiest and slowest ways of cleansing your mind with positive sightings of painting. In Grand Rapids as well, there’s the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, where you can enjoy a view of the greatest contemporary art in all of Michigan West. 

From time to time, multiple events and exhibitions take place at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art of West Michigan GR City. As an artist, you can take part as a volunteer. Or, if you are an art lover, you can dive into the opening night activities, which offer specific activities for families, couples, kids, and so on. 

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Bonus fact: Do you know? La Grande Vitesse was the first-ever plaza of art in NEA. In the mid-1900s, La Grande Vitesse captured high-end controversial attention by acquiring Calder Sculpture. However, later on, the public started to talk about the distinction of the sculpture from the actual one. 

#8: Meyer May House

Want to explore the artistry of one of the most famous American architects from history? Grand Rapids is the mainstream city to begin such a type of exploration. Built and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Meyer May House is open for public visits. The house is the epitome of wealth from the 1900s. According to history, skylight and utilization of leaded glass were prominently new at the time. It was fright’s mainstream idea. 

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So, are you ready to take the trip of your life? It is time to get ounces of fun in Michigan. Here are some bonus facts about Grand Rapid that will help you make your customized itineraries:

  • MadCap Coffee, an unbeatable taste of mainstream American coffee, was commenced here Rapids. 
  • HopCat, the most sold beer in the world, also commenced in GR. 
  • Annual Art competition by the brand ArtPrize commences here. It is one of the all-time high competitions among artists. It offers about five hundred thousand US Dollars to the winner. 

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