Things You Need to Know About Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon Repellent

Pigeons are very cute birds that seem to be harmless. Despite their pleasant appearance and the innocence, they can sometimes show, pigeons can be pests that will be very difficult to get rid of. Only those who have had to endure the damage caused by pigeons know how unbearable they can sometimes be. For those that are searching for a good pigeon repellent, they can get a Bird Free Fire Gel, specially created for resolving pigeon problems without getting them trapped or causing them any harm.  

Pigeon Repellent – a Safe Way to Get Pigeons Go Away

Many people resort to poisons or various mechanical traps that manage to kill the pigeons. It’s a far too inhuman way to fight pigeons because after all, they aren’t a fatal threat. That’s why it is better to search for a pigeon repellent based on recommendations, a repellent that can chase them away, without harming. Pigeons indeed carry many diseases, or so it is said, but this is not a reason to harm them. 

Ultrasound Devices Can Keep Pigeons at Distance

A first recommendation is therefore to use ultrasound devices. With such a device you will be able to keep the pigeons at a distance without injuring them. The ultrasound emitted by these devices is annoying to the pigeons, and so they will decide to leave your property. However, their health will not be affected. It is important to note that pets are also not affected by the ultrasound emitted by a pigeon repellent.

Bird Free Fire Gel – an Effective Long-Term Measure

Bird Free Fire Gel

Bird Free Fire Gel is a very good product for repelling pigeons, whose effectiveness has been proven by many users. This gel is meant to repel pigeons almost instantly, without causing them any harm. This is the best alternative to all those traps that some people use to catch pigeons. No need to say, that kind of measure shouldn’t be used, because these birds will never directly attack someone. There are several bird repellents around the world, and this one is known in many countries in Europe and also around the world. 

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Is Bird Free Fire Gel Safe for Humans and Pets?

Indeed, it is. You can use it without being scared on side effects that it can have on humans or their pets. Also, you will not have to worry about the integrity of the places where it will be placed. This pigeon repellent is made especially for birds, in this case, pigeons, to only chase them away. The gel will not damage any buildings or surfaces, and will not cause any health problems to anyone that gets in contact with it. It is safe not only for pigeons but also for everything and everyone around.

Another characteristic of Bird Free Fire Gel is that it can be used indoors and outdoors, too. Anyone knows that the UK fought for a long time with problems caused by pigeons in so many prestigious locations. In 2011 this gel appeared in London and it fast became the most highly effective bird repellent. It was used in many locations, stations, plants, etc. A safe way to chase away birds and not harm them is always the best choice to be made. 

Do Pigeons Really Need to Be Chased Away?

If you want to know how unpleasant and stressful pigeons are, talk to a homeowner or apartment owner who has been invaded by them and doesn’t know how to drive them away. First of all, pigeons are very dirty birds. They are carriers of diseases and parasites that they can easily transmit to humans. There are several ways to get rid of pigeons at home, or at least to discourage them and divert them to other directions by using pigeon repellent. Most homeowners prefer more humane approaches to remove pigeons, and there are some very effective ones.

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Because pigeons are carriers of disease, it represents a serious concern for city builders when it comes to managing parks and playgrounds for children. Bird Free Fire Gel is used for this kind of locations, acting like a gel that discourages the pigeons to land on the locations. What the gel does is make pigeons see ultraviolet light. They see it as fire and this way they don’t get any closer. Even if is seen as fire, it is not inflatable. It won’t ever burst into flame. It is also durable, and due to its texture it can be placed horizontally or vertically. 

How to Prevent Pigeons Gathering on Your Premises?

Prevent Pigeons GatheringFor the owners of the houses invaded by pigeons, the situation is even more unpleasant: in addition to vandalizing the garden, and the outdoor furniture, the pigeons will make their presence felt through all the signs they will leave on the objects outside. Pigeons repellents can be placed on the roof, the pediments or other ornaments of the facades, on the eaves and the gutters, etc. 

To Keep Pigeons Out of ​​Your Surroundings, Use These Methods:

  1. Keep trash cans tightly closed and make sure no food is left out. Clean the place where you made and served food. 
  2. There are several organic solutions that you can prepare based on very strong spices, such as chili powder, hot peppers, and cinnamon, which you can spread around the terraces, or anywhere you see the pigeons gathering. 
  3. Check the entire property regularly, especially in places that are attractive to pigeons: bridges, eaves, wherever pigeons can nest. Seal chimney openings, vents, and any tempting openings to house birds.

As far as business owners are concerned, they really should take serious action against pigeons because this problem can seriously affect their profits. Pigeon droppings can be repulsive, especially on a terrace where a couple stops for coffee and in a showroom or warehouse where customers are flown over by birds. In either case, the risk of the potential customer giving up the company’s services is very high. Bird Free Fire Gel is the best and safest solution there is, both for pigeons and locations.


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