Three Reasons Why Canadians Prefer iDebit Casinos

iDebit Casinos

Online Cricket Betting ID have grown in popularity over the years, and it is especially accepted in Canada. When gamblers are choosing an online casino platform on the internet, they always tend to look at the payment methods available in every online casino they’re checking out i.e. i Debit Casinos. They would want an online Cricket ID payment method that will ensure fast and secure transactions with an account that is easy to create.

In Canada, however, there are not many options to choose from when it comes to payment methods considering that not many of these options are available or accessible to Canadian gamblers. But you don’t need to fret as there are now many iDebit Casinos which is one of the most popular payment methods accepted by Canadians according to recent research. It is a kind of payment that will allow the users to fund their online casino account with a direct debit from their bank account with little effort.

Online casinos that accept iDebit payment methods are sometimes referred to as iDebit Casinos and they are popular amongst gamblers in Canada. To ensure instant transactions, this payment solution employed the use of online banking technology along with the establishment of a partnership with several banks. iDebit can function as an e-wallet where users can send and receive cash, and as a direct intermediary between the user and their bank. You can use it however you like.

In this article, we will be looking at the few reasons why Canadians choose iDebit Casinos in their online gambling journey.

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Security is one of the most crucial factors online payment platforms need to offer to their clients. iDebit is no different and it is one of the many reasons it is preferred by Canadians. Using iDebit casinos, you can be sure that your financial details will not be shared with any third parties which also includes the online casino platform. In this way, you won’t have to worry about any fraudulent activities being carried out with your bank details. Aside from this, iDebit employs the use of 128-bit encryption technology as well as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect and secure your banking details.


Anonymity. This is another reason for its popularity in Canada. All activities carried out by a user using the iDebit casinos will not be recorded by either the bank or iDebit. Your monthly bank statements will remain clean if you intend to gamble anonymously. A few banks in Canada have temporarily stopped accepting withdrawals to online casinos despite the legalisation of online gambling in the country. The reason was that some U.S citizens were using Canadian banks to bypass the prohibition on US banks working with online casino sites. This led to some banks staying away from online casinos.

However, using iDebit as an e-wallet, banks won’t know if funds are being sent to online casinos. All they will see is you making some kind of transaction to an online service. So, iDebit still is used if your Canadian bank is not accepting withdrawals and deposits to online casinos.

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Fast Transactions

For iDebit Casinos, transactions are almost instantaneous. It is considered one of the fastest payment methods out there, which means you won’t have to be waiting a long time for your deposits to reflect in your online casino account.

While there are many reasons Canadians trusts iDebit casinos for their casino games, the ones listed above are the most popular known amongst gamblers in the North American country.


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