Top 5 TikTok Challenge for Couples During Lockdown

TikTok Challenge

The lockdown time is making us engage with each other through several internet challenges. From the #bucketlist on Instagram to the blast-from-the-past photos on Facebook, there is so much being expressed by netizens. TikTok challenge trends have been equally viral and currently, the couples challenge videos are doing the rounds.

TikTok Challenges for Couples

Check out the top TikTok challenges you should try with your partner right away:

Q&A Challenge

There are plenty of Q&A audio clips on TikTok that have questioned recorded for partners. When you want to try the challenge, you need to answer a bunch of questions about your relationship.

Check out how Rachael and Derek nodded to the left or the right to answer who does what. They had to answer questions like, “who watches more TV”, “who’s been sleeping more?”, “who’s the cook?” and so on. Their challenge was to tick off the #LifeAtHomeQuiz by nodding their heads to the answers. If the answer was for Rachael they had to nod to the right as she was on the right, and for Derek to the left. They agreed on 5 out of 7 questions and were happy with the score.


Our cat wanted to play too! #lifeathomequiz #cat #marriage #foryou #quarantine #fyp #quiz

♬ Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

There are more such challenges for couples with questions like, “who initiated the first kiss?”, “who’s the messier one?” and more. Jennifer Lopez went viral with partner Alex Rodriguez is one such TikTok Q&A challenge. It is time you find out how many things you agree upon with your partner with this TikTok challenge.

Flip the switch challenge

To try the #FlipTheSwitch challenge you need to stand in front of the mirror with your partner and dance. When the cue changes, you need to switch the clothes you’re wearing and have a hearty laugh while trying to look like each other.

Plank challenge

Couples who workout together stay together! If you love taking up physical challenges together you must try the plank TikTok challenge. Put on your favorite jam and do the plank side by side. Roll under your partner while doing the one-handed high fives to complete the fun with fitness.

Small gestures challenge

If you’re looking for a way to make your partner happy today, click on the ‘Discover’ tab and type #SmallGestures. You will find tons of videos where couples are doing something small to make their partners happy. Use the ideas to not only express love but to also try the TikTok challenge.


New audio ❤ TAG someone you#love 💘 #foryou#foryoupage#art#drawing#satisfying#bestfriend#bff#freezeframe #levelup #smallgesture #werkitfromhome#viral

♬ 20 years from now bff – Nichole

You can really dance challenge

If you follow Derek Hough on TikTok, you will find several inspirations to pull off the #YouCanReallyDance challenge. You need to film yourselves by trying different dance moves and then point at your partner to do the same when it’s their turn.


@twitchtok7 can really dance! He went… #youcanreallydance #dance #comedy

♬ Coincidance – Handsome Dancer

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What makes TikTok couples challenge trend?

Lots of people have been quarantined with their partners and they usually don’t find so much time for themselves. These TikTok challenges are making them know each other better and do fun things at home. It is time you try some of these out with your partner and check out your favorite celeb couples for inspo.

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