Tips for enjoying long-distance sex and relationships

long-distance sex

Sex is a very pleasurable activity that brings multiple benefits to the skin, body and mind. Because continuous sexual practice releases an explosion of happy hormones in the body, prevents the risk of coronary heart disease, produces collagen so the skin is more viscous and beautiful and burns a few calories. It’s perfection long-distance sex , isn’t it?

Indeed, the problem occurs when external factors, such as an exchange programme, moving to another city or even the social confinement that still prevails in many parts of the world, force couples to physically separate. So, what to do, to separate for good, to seek the services of the hottest London escort, or to try to handle the situation in some other way? 

Whatever the scenario is, even if it is difficult, maintaining a long-distance relationship and sexual activity is not impossible. That is why Simple Escorts UK, together with the most beautiful escorts, will give you some tips to achieve it.

What is virtual sex?

The name says it all, basically virtual sex is the practice of sex without physical presence, that is, using the available technologies. Fortunately nowadays there is a wide range of options when it comes to making a video call, WhatsApp, Google Meet, among many others offer the possibility of having an experience equal or even more pleasurable than face-to-face contact.

At the same time, for singles or people who do not have a steady partner, adult portals offer video call services, sexting and much more through the most beautiful female Bangalore Escorts, with total discretion and security, since it is done with a professional capable of satisfying the most intimate desires.

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4 tips for long-distance sex

1- Know your own body well

Knowing your own body is one of the most important things to achieve sexual fulfilment. If you are in a long-distance relationship, this is even more important, because you are the one who touches and pleasures yourself, even if you are guided by your partner. A good tip is to take advantage of moments of solitude to discover yourself a little more… Gently run your hands over your body and observe the sensations when you touch each part of it. 

2- Self-esteem and confidence

Another particularly important factor when having virtual sex is self-esteem, because if when having sex it is usually possible to keep the light low or switched off, when having sex online this is not possible. Exposing one’s body in close-up in a video call, for example, can be a challenge for many. 

However, it may help them to understand that everybody is perfect, regardless of marks, folds or cellulite, and that this will hardly diminish the pleasure of the partner, who will probably even admire and enjoy it.

Safety is also important at this point, i.e. feeling safe with the person you are having sex with online. In order not to run the risk of any photo or video being exposed on the Internet, it is better to choose to do it with a trusted partner, or with professionals.

3- Create the right environment

One of the biggest difficulties for those who start having sex online, as we have already mentioned, is embarrassment. Lack of habit can play an important role and creating the right environment can help. Ambient light, provocative lingerie, if the partner usually shaves, continue to do so, and above all, voice. Talk, talk a lot and make clear the level of arousal and desire you have at the sight of each other.

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4- Have good sex

The time has finally come to have sex and it has to happen in full. It is time to give free rein to all desires, to play erotic games, to say the dirtiest things and to have fun without worrying too much. 

Guided masturbation works very well in these cases, as the partner suggests the areas to be touched and the intensity of the touch. Depending on your imagination, you may even think that he/she is touching you, which helps to achieve maximum pleasure.

It is time to stimulate the imagination, to perform fetishes and to enjoy to the fullest, even if it is not in person.

Whether it is a long-distance couple, a marriage of many years, or a good time with an escort, long-distance or virtual sex can be an excellent alternative to overcome homesickness and spice things up, as well as bringing the couple closer while sharing pleasure. The rule is to give yourself and enjoy all the sensations offered by this moment; after all, it is a path towards learning and relearning the nuances of enjoyment.


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