Tips for Handball Betting


Handball is one of the popular professional sports you can bet on and win. The rules are quite simple, and you stand a high chance of winning from the different bets you place. With the right handball sports betting guide, you can understand how everything works and win more bets. This article is obviously devoted to tips and tricks for better betting on handball to help you avoid making mistakes when you want to place your bets.

A Few Tips Before Betting on Handball

Consider the Different Bets Available in Handball

The offer of bets in handball is still modest compared to the abundant offer of bets in football. Nevertheless, there are generally several types of possible bets on handball matches.

  • Bet on the winner of the match (1N2 bet). Note that a draw is very rare in handball. It is therefore normal that the odds associated with a draw are often very attractive, but this is related to the low probability of occurrence of draws.
  • Bet on the winner refunded if the score is drawn. The odds are a little lower than for 1N2 bets, which is normal because if the match ends in a draw, the amount of your bet will not be lost but will be returned to you.
  • Double chance bet. This can allow you to bet on both a potential winner and a draw. Betting on each of the two winning teams is not recommended because it offers very low odds, and you are not immune to a surprise draw at the end of regulation playing time.
  • Over/under bet (on the number of goals). Handball generally offers matches with between 45 and 65 goals per match. Depending on the teams in play, you can bet on more or less than fifty goals in the case of a rather unbalanced match or sixty goals in the case of a rather balanced match.
  • Betting on the difference in goals between the two teams: You can bet on the difference in points at the end of regular time in favor of one or the other of the teams, generally in increments of 3 or 4 goals.
  • Bet on the richest half in goals. You can bet on either half or on an equal number of goals scored in each half.
  • Combined bet on the number of goals scored and the winner of the match. It is the combination of a 1N2 bet and an over/under bet.
  • Bet on the winner of the competition. You can finally bet on the winner of the competition, whether it has already started or not. For example, you can bet on the winner of the next international competition several months before it begins.
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Analyze the Stakes of Matches and the Composition of Handball Teams

As is the case in other sports, take an interest in the stakes of the competitions in which your favorite team is involved.

During a group stage or a championship, not all matches present a similar challenge, given the level of the opponents, the number of points already garnered, or the calendar. A match against a weaker team, a match to get out of places synonymous with relegation, or a match to play for the title do not present the same challenges.

Therefore, observe the schedule of the following matches and do not forget to analyze the composition of the teams as well. A coach may want to spare a key team player for a more important meeting later, or he may have to deal with the absence of players engaged in international competitions or injured. Thus, a team cut off from some of its best players can be easier to face.

Also, look at the list of the last games played by a team to find out if it is on a full winning streak or if, on the contrary, it has several defeats in a row. This can give an indicator of its state of form.

Finally, consult the history of the last meetings between the two teams. If a team has historically failed to beat their upcoming opponent, it may be wise to direct their bets towards them.


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