What are some tips on decorating your house during the summer?

decorating your house during the summer

Summer has a way of stripping us down to the essentials. Just as we don’t want to wear too many clothes, having too many things in our homes can make the space feel messy and crowded. Before investing in new home decor items, put some serious time into getting rid of things that no longer serve. Declutter each room until everything that remains is something that you love and use regularly.

How can you decorate your home during the summer?

If you live in a very warm place, you may have to close everything up to keep things comfortable. Even if your space is locked up tight, make sure to keep air moving. Strive to maintain flat surfaces in each room to give the notion of air movement.

To declutter your space thoroughly, move through each room with three different containers. Carry with you a 

  • black bag for garbage
  • white bag for donations or selling
  • box for things you’re going to keep

Work the room counter-clockwise first, picking up garbage and loading up the white bag of things that are still usable but no longer valuable to you. Once you get back to the starting point, reverse and work through the same space, loading up the box. When you’ve made two circuits of the room, put the items in the box away. Immediately take the black bag to the trash and put the white bag in your car so you can take it to your local thrift shop. Don’t give yourself time to reconsider.

What are the room decor ideas for summer?

Summer is all about light. If you want to add a special home decor piece that will add color and feel cool, consider a mandala scarf. This beautiful and brightly colored fabric can be used as a wall hanging or a furniture throw. You can use it over a window to cut down on early morning light, or toss it over a side table to add visual interest. While they’re bright, they’re not plush, so they don’t give the image of warmth or snuggling.

Do your best not to overload your spaces with color. You want things to be light and bright, but you don’t want to overpower the visual field. If you want a turquoise accent wall, make sure that the other colors in the space are either restful or stark. If you’re painting, avoid colors in the red spectrum. Blues and greys will feel cooler.

Summer is the time to relax on your terrace or patio. There is nothing better than a warm summer evening with your friends in the backyard. It is also important that this space is cozy, for example, you can decorate your patio with amazing wall art that would surprise your friends

What are home decor mistakes to avoid?

The push toward decluttering has led too many people to believe that stuff is bad. It’s really not; stuff that you love is wonderful and stuff that you use is purposeful. What’s bad is the stuff that you don’t use that’s taking up space in your closet, mind and heart. Going to a monkish minimalist style may be right for you, or it may make your home feel cold and lonely.

Recent world events have led to many of us spending a lot of time in our homes. This can lead to some radical home decorating choices that you might regret later. While decluttering, do go through boxes, trunks and chests so you can let go of things that you don’t use. However, make sure to load those vessels back up with quilts, plush throws, and afghans from your grandma that you will love come a cold January morning.

What are some cool ways to decorate one’s room?

Unless you live alone, it’s a good idea to make your room your oasis. You can put up a large wall hanging, like a quilt or the mandala noted above. Make sure you have open shelving to display your favorite things, and invest in storage ottomans and chests that can also serve as seating. Do your best to keep your work space and desk tidy. If you choose to eat in your room, consider adding a pretty tray to your desk where you can keep napkins and salt and pepper shakers. You can boost this space by treating yourself to a bed tray and getting a small coffee or tea pot for your room.

If your room is small, strive for consistency. A wall featuring white shelves loaded with black-framed images of your loved ones is a stark and architectural choice; a wall loaded with white shelves and a mish-mash of clippings and odd objects is a mess.

Finally, if you’re going to be eating and drinking in your room, you’ll need to police it to avoid unintentional roommates, such as mice. Make sure you stash trash can liners in the space so you can easily clean up.

ConclusionIt’s a good idea to have a decontamination space just inside the house. Bag your shoes to avoid transferring any viruses into the space. Set up a spot for sanitizing your hands and phone as soon as you get home. If you want to unplug and have a little down time, set up a charging area near the front door. Keep your charging area organized with cable clips and a good surge strip. 



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