Tips on Succeeding when Working from Home

Working from Home

Whether due to the pandemic, or simply because remote working better suits your needs, it can sometimes be difficult to keep your work and personal lives separate when business needs to take place from the comfort of your home. On top of this, there may be some aspects of work that cannot currently be completed outside of the office environment. By finding the best ways to resolve these issues, your team will be more empowered to do their best, and still find fulfilment within their career.

Use HR Software

Even though technology is continuing to advance, some companies still keep all of their records in paper format, often locked in filing cabinets in the main office. While this may not be an issue if staff members are expected to be present, this can make some working processes nigh on impossible when working remotely. The use of payroll and HR software removes the need for an employee to make the journey into the office simply to update their personal details, or to gain access to records they might need within their role. Instead, this information will all be stored on a secure online system, allowing access whenever needed. You can set different levels of authority within these types of software, so staff members will still only be able to access the files and data that they would have been privy to in the old, paper-based format.

Create a Designated Workspace

Having an office-style set up within the home can help to get staff members into a working mindset. This doesn’t need to involve building a whole new room to accommodate their working needs but instead can be more about utilising the space that they have. Something as simple as making sure that they work in a quiet environment, undisturbed by the other goings on within the home, can make a big difference to concentration and productivity. A home-based office space might require the company to also assist. An example of this would be, where the employee doesn’t have a personal computer at home, providing a work PC or laptop that will enable them to complete their tasks.

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Define Office and Personal Hours

One of the pitfalls of working from home can be the failure to manage one’s time effectively. For some, this might be seen in a decrease in productivity due to the many temptations that being at home provides. Others might do the opposite, instead working beyond their set hours simply because the work needs to be done and they have nowhere else they need to be. Defining when an employee is to work, and when they should be focusing on their personal lives, can help reduce work-related stress and burnout, as well as create that much more employee satisfaction.

Working from home can be successful, as long as both employees and senior members of staff have agreements on how the working day should proceed. In addition to this, some staff members may feel positive about the change to home working, due to more flexibility, and even reduced travel costs.


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