In case you are planning to move to a new city like Pune and looking for a flat for rent, then the first thing you need to do is raise a request with the real estate agent or on an online rental listing. And then, comes the trickiest part, selecting the best flat from many available options. While it may be easy to shortlist a few, the hardest part is to narrow down your list to one. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some tips considering which will help you to find the perfect flat in Pune.

  • Clean and well-maintained property: You might be thinking of ignoring this factor when looking for flats for rent in Pune, but let us tell you that many landlords try to fill in their properties even when they are not in the good shape. When browsing the online rental listing you may come across several rental flat options with attractive pictures, but when it comes to reality the same might not be true. The flat seems to be clean and well-maintained in the picture probably not be in the best shape in reality. Therefore, to make sure that you rent a flat is in good condition, just plan a trip to the shortlisted ones. 
  • Research about the location: When searching for rental options, consider selecting the locality close to either your workplace or school. This will not only help you to save the commute time but also travel expenses. However, your job is not finished after checking the proximity of the location. You should also be considerate to look for the availability of basic facilities including a grocery store, shopping complexes, bank branches, health care units, gyms, and more because these are essential for day-to-day operations. Don’t forget about security which is the most important factor. Just check if there are sufficient surveillance cameras and security guards in the neighborhood you are going to rent a flat.
  • Analyze the overall housing cost: In case you are satisfied with a particular rental flat, consider the rent charged by the landlord. Just analyze if the rent for the flat located in the particular area is charged according to the market price. Do not end up paying higher rent for a particular property. Remember that housing cost is not just about the rent, there is much more than the rent. You will have to pay for other expenses such as security deposit, utility bills, broker’s fee, maintenance charges, etc. Therefore, see if the shortlisted flat is worthy of all the cost you are going to incur on it. 
  • Reputed and decent landlord: One of the most important tips to consider when looking for flats for rent in an unknown city like Pune is to figure out the reputation of the landlord. Having a friendly and decent landlord can make it easy for you to live in the new place. Whereas, living in a flat having an indecent landlord can be turn out to be a nightmare having a great impact on your emotional and social wellbeing. Before you finalize the particular flat, ask about the reputation of the landlord from the neighbors living in the specific area. If you are suspicious about the landlord then it is better to go with other options. 
  • Go through the rental agreement: Once you have finalized the flat you are going to rent, it’s time to ask for the written rental agreement. If the landlord believes in an oral rental agreement then you should drop this particular option and look for other property. After you are provided with the written rental agreement, just go through all the mentioned terms and clauses carefully. Check the period for which you are entitled to stay in the flat and after what time period your rent will be increased. Also, do not forget to check the pet policies. Some landlords prohibit keeping pets at their property. In case you find any term disagreeable then you can talk about it to the landlord. 
  • Know about your rights: The lease agreement signed by you with the landlord gives you limited rights over the rental property. Knowing about your rights will keep things clear between your landlord and you. For instance, your landlord has no right to interfere in your personal life, he or she can not restrict anyone from coming to the flat, and you can’t be forced to return home at a particular time. Also, your landlord can’t ask you to vacate the flat before the termination of the agreement.

Wrapping up it all!

If you are confused about how to choose 1 bhk house for rent in Pune then just consider going through the above-mentioned tips. These tips will make it easy to figure out the best rental option.


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