Top 7 Tips To Reduce Packaging Costs Improve Customer Retention

Reduce Packaging Costs

When a customer tries your product for the first time, it might seem like the pinnacle of success. It’s true that this is a victory, but it’s only half the battle. Your brand’s success relies on the ability to retain customers in addition to attracting them. Check out these seven strategies for improving customer retention — and reducing your packaging costs in the process!

1. Creating a Memorable Experience

If your product and its packaging are forgettable, customers will buy it, try it, and promptly forget it. You need to invest in stick pack packaging that creates a memorable experience. You can do this with interactive elements such as QR codes and social media handles that encourage interaction.

2. Consider Digital Printing

Making the switch to digital printing is one of the best ways to reduce your product packaging costs. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that digital printing will result in lower-quality packaging, but in fact, the opposite is true. In addition to minimizing your expenses, digital printing can create beautifully vibrant images for your product’s package.

3. Offer Customers Consistency

Consistency is the key to customer retention — and recognizable packaging is the key to consistency. When a customer remembers exactly what your packaging looks like, they’re far more likely to pick it up again the next time they’re at the store. Consistent packaging can also reduce production costs because you can order the same package design in bulk.

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4. Use Recycled Materials in Packaging

Did you know that you can use recycled materials in your packaging for frozen food? You can also use recycled materials for coffee, supplements, and many other types of food packaging. This can massively reduce your packaging costs by eliminating the need to create new materials, and it can boost customer retention by establishing a relationship with shoppers who value sustainability.

5. Choose an Affordable Packaging Partner

When you’re looking for ways to cut down on packaging production costs, it’s worth wondering whether you are getting the best deal from your current provider. Unfortunately, some packaging companies charge exorbitant markups that cut into their clients’ profits and needlessly inflate costs. You should look for a packaging company that charges fair and affordable rates for their custom printed resealable bags.

6. Make Your Packaging Distinctive

It’s important, too, that you make your packaging look distinctive. When your packaging blends in with every other product in an aisle, customers will have a hard time finding it. This will harm your overall retention rate. Investing in a unique design can eliminate this problem and ensure that customers are always able to immediately recognize your packaging.

7. Incentivize Repeat Business

Customers want to know that they are valued. You can demonstrate this and increase customer retention by incentivizing repeat business. You can include a coupon in your packaging, for example, that offers a discount if a customer buys the product again. This shows the customer that you appreciate their purchase, and it’s an easy way to use your product’s packaging for marketing.

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