Tisha Campbell shares Details Of Her Childhood Rape- Here’s what happened to her?


Actress Tisha Campbell opened up honestly regarding the traumas of childhood rape when she explains about being assaulted when she was merely three years old.

Campbell boldly narrated her experience on TV One’s original auto-biographical show “Uncensored.

Along with mentions all the other adversities she’s had to face and get through, one of the most traumatic moments of life came when she talks about a single traumatic day with one of her babysitters.

Tisha Campbell shares Details Of Her Childhood Rape- Here's what happened to her?
Tisha Campbell shares Details Of Her Childhood Rape- Here’s what happened to her?

“So there was this babysitter, let’s say, someone who was extremely close to us,” she started. “I recall all of us watching the television and I kind of used to yell.

I can’t remember which brother had a butterknife but to me, it was a knife, and I said, ‘Get that knife down!’ And the babysitter said, ‘I told you if you shout one more time, you will be ready to get it.’ So I was expecting that I was gonna get a spanking. He said, ‘Get in the room.’”

Campbell then recalled all the graphic details about how the babysitter brutalized her to take off her clothes.

“He went off the room for a second and I was so afraid that I was literally trembling. And I recall him bringing back Crisco.” What followed was Campbell’s extremely emotional and brave recollection of a forgetful incident.

“I vividly recall my spirit leaving my body in an attempt to escape and staying on the side and looking over and watching what was going ln, and I felt myself hide into a corner and ball up and I think I blacked out.”

In 2019, hearing such inhumane incidents has almost become a norm. This is not to imply that we should stop listening to the victims because we absolutely should as this whole culture of forcing victims into hiding has been an end product of our collective consciousness as human species. More power to all the victims out there!


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