Tom Holland in Talks to Join VENOM 2 as Spider-Man


I know it won’t be long before rumors have surfaced that Spider-Man will be joining the genome sequel! It had to happen, and the first report came from Geek Worldwide.

They report that Tom Holland is currently in talks to join Venom 2 and he may appear as Peter Parker / Spider-Man.

The outlet says the film is in the news as a casting break.

I think there will be a crossover at the end, and I don’t think it will come after Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man sharing deal. Including Spider-Man 3, and will be appearing in the Spider-Man movie.

After that, he was completely back on Sony. Although he is in the MCU, however, I do not think the poison attends. I wonder if this will happen.

Tom Holland in Talks to Join VENOM 2 as Spider-Man
Tom Holland in Talks to Join VENOM 2 as Spider-Man

The report considers two aspects: “The first fact is that it is unclear what version of Spider-Man will appear in the film. It is possible that Marvel Studios did not build the film, but this is Spider-Man ‘Man Venom 2’ May have nothing to do with the MCU in ‘ The completely optional Peter Parker (which happens to be the same as Tom Holland).”

It is my opinion that they can do this to completely confuse the audience. If they had Spider-Man, it would have to be a version of the character from the alternate universe. The second factor is continuous over the first.

So, if it appears in the MCU’s Spider-Man Venom 2, will it turn into Canon’s first and second Venom films for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It is also not clear, but at the same time what we know is unlikely.

This is why the MCU version of Spider-Man is missing in Venom 2. Venom films are not part of the MCU, so it is a ridiculous thing to do so because they are not associated with the films.

Marvel Studio’s chief creative officer Kevin Feige has previously stated that Spider-Man has the power to transcend the cinematic universe.


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