Tool’s ‘Fear Inoculum’ a new atmospheric chapter of their career


Tool’s ‘Fear Inoculum’ a new atmospheric chapter of their career. It has been a long time since Tool’s released an album and so it was baseless to hold hopes regarding the same. They have just been playing live music here and there and talked about an album but never launched one and ended up being vague and trolling their fans.

And as it happens when albums are released after such a long time, it is either cherished for years to come or discarded like trash. So is the case with Tool’s album. But as usual, they got positive feedback because of the long and deep songs that they write.

Fear Inoculum acts as a new atmospheric chapter to their career because one may not give the same reactions every time they listen to the song. For instance, 10,000 Days in Tool’s album, when it was first heard by the audience, it as quite dislike but over the years, just like the others, it has also become a classic.


Once the hype ends, you can give ‘Fear Inoculum’ a chance and expect to like it. If you thought you could jam into it like “Jambi” or “Ænema” rewrites, then you might have made the incorrect decision.

  • The tool is a rock band initially from America based in Los Angelos, Calfornia. Their genres include Alternative Metal, Art Rock, Post Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock. They have been jamming our ears and souls since 1990. The core team comprises of Danny CareyAdam JonesMaynard James KeenanJustin Chancellor.

The relationship between this band and today’s music is quite weird, as sometimes it is in sync with it initially and the other times, it syncs in a while.

So far, they have released 5 major albums, namely Undertow (1993–1995)Ænima and Salival (1996–2000)Lateralus (2001–2005)10,000 Days (2006–2007),  Fear Inoculum (2008–present)




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