Top 10 On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup in 2022

On-demand App

More than 80% of businesses use on-demand apps to sell their services online in today’s fast-paced digital modern world. According to a Harvard Business Report, the on-demand app market attracts over 22.4 million users who spend more than $57.6 billion each year.

In the last several years, on-demand app creation has exploded in popularity, gaining a larger market and expanding the industry like never before. As a result, any entrepreneur establishing a firm should know on-demand applications that might help them succeed.

The majority of businesses are moving into the on-demand application space to cover a huge portion of the market. If you’re seeking on-demand technology ideas for your startup, this article may be able to assist you. 

What is an On-Demand App Service, and how does it work?

On-demand apps were created by a leading mobile app development agency to provide a product or service that the customer wants when they need it. They serve as a shared platform for service providers and users, meeting demand. It prevents both parties from squandering money and time.

Customers had to hunt for the service they wanted and compare it to others to get a better value before such services were available on the market. Things have changed in recent years, and everything can now be discovered on your cell phone in a matter of minutes. These services can now include grocery shopping, laundry, food delivery, renting a car, and personal fitness care. In summary, people can get such services with just a few touches on their mobile phones. So let’s look at a few mobile app ideas for your startups/business that can be useful.

Top 10 On-demand App Ideas For Startups in 2022

On-demand Apps for Health and Fitness

In Covid-19, personal on-demand healthcare mobile applications are becoming common-place on everyone’s mobiles. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the COVID-19 environment, such as working out, doing Zumba, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and immersing oneself in meditation, has begun to appear unattainable. The health app comes to the rescue in this situation.

A fitness software that can assist individuals with the correct nutrition, routine activities, and mental health guidance can give your startup concept wings. 

Apps for Vacation Rentals 

When travelling, many individuals like getting to know the locals. All of these people can benefit from on-demand vacation rental apps. One of the most well-known on-demand vacation rental apps is Airbnb. So, if you’re thinking about starting an on-demand business, we have an Airbnb clone that’s ready to go. Our clone is fully white-labeled and licensed, and you may adapt it to meet your specific needs.

App for On-Demand Video Streaming

On-demand video streaming app services are expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 8.28%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$135,673m by 2026, according to Statista. When Netflix and Amazon Prime started dominating the video streaming market with their applications, people took note. These are two top video streaming on-demand apps that have undoubtedly altered the way people watch movies and television broadcasts.

App for Booking Flights 

Along with smartphone apps, the travel business is booming. The travel industry has significantly benefit from app development. Especially in the airline industry, you can book a flight whenever you want and avoid paying a commission to your travel agency.

Create a flight booking app with additional features such as a rewards system and weather forecast. Your app will have a better chance of succeeding in this competitive market.

Apps for Ridesharing

Now that travel has become convenient, most individuals can’t imagine operating without a travel application. With apps like LYFT, Uber, Ola, Rapido, etc., you can quickly book a cab and get on the road.

On-demand applications like bus booking, logistics, taxi booking, bicycle, and e-scooters are potential startup concepts you can execute from a commercial standpoint. Because these apps allow you to connect with your customers, you can provide long-distance transportation at reasonable costs.

Apps for Grocery Delivery

In COVID19, grocery applications primarily become the new normal. Instead, people would order groceries online than stand in long lines for fear of contracting the disease. Jio Mart, Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Peapod, and other popular grocery apps are available. Consider incorporating local grocery stores into your app network to increase your business profits from increased online demand.

Customers are enticed to shop online instead of wasting weekends on market streets by updating apps’ real-time catalogs and discounted rates.

App for E-Learning

Due to COVID-19, the question now is how students will continue to study. Developing apps such as on-demand e-learning can assist those students in continuing their studies. Adapting digitalization for the education sector is currently one of the best opportunities. E-learning applications have not only changed the way education is delivered, but they have also created market demand. Developing online learning apps for education is one of the best app ideas to make money for Ed-tech companies.

On-demand Telemedicine Mobile App

You wake up unwell with a severe headache in the middle of the night. You are not healthy enough to drive or even go to your local clinic for a checkup.

If you have an on-demand doctor booking app on your phone, you can call, video, or voice call doctors in your area and explain your problems to them.

Additionally, the doctors will assist you with obtaining a prescription to purchase medication without having to travel. You can speak immediately with the doctor, and if an emergency arises, you can also phone them at home.

On-demand Mobile Apps for Fashion

Fashion applications have completely transformed the fashion industry. These fashion apps allow users to browse among millions of popular styles without walking from one street to the next. Your fashion app will provide direct access to many brands in a single store for your users. Thanks to the quick shop and return policies, the customer can try something new without wasting time or money.

You can get an on-demand fashion app where you don’t own a store or inventory but instead link clients to brands and their lists. Fashion and lifestyle apps can be one of the most enticing creatives; all you have to do is make sure they’re authentic and diverse.

Wallet App for Online Payments

The cashless transaction has established itself as the new standard. PayPal and CashApp, for example, have already established industry norms by demonstrating their worth.

You can also develop an on-demand fintech app with secure services and distinctive features. Nowadays, many people have been able to pay using their mobile phones. It has become a habit for daily online payment apps and other apps.

If you’re considering creating a payment wallet app or something similar, you should get started right away.

Apps for On-Demand Laundry

According to a Statista report, revenue in the Laundry Care segment amounts to US$100,765m in 2022. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.78% (CAGR 2022-2026). 

Who’d have guessed that a simple washing service could bring in so much money? Laundry and dry cleaning services provide a significant contribution that cannot be overlooked.

Cost of Creating an On-Demand Service App in 2022

The cost to develop an on-demand service app varies depending on the platform and its features. It would assist if you decided whether you want to build the app on Android, iOS, or both and what features you want to include.

A simple on-demand app takes between 150 and 200 hours to develop. If we assume that an on-demand app company can charge $40 per hour, a basic app with the following features will cost you $5000 to $8000.


As the world relies solely upon mobile apps to complete even the most basic tasks, new entrepreneurs have an excellent opportunity to develop innovative mobile app ideas. That will provide the best solution for one of the most basic requirements.

Given the enormous popularity of on-demand app clones, the concept of creating one as a firm is perfectly practical. It will undoubtedly benefit you in every way. Suppose you’ve finalized your on-demand app concept. In that case, it’s time to turn your on-demand startup ideas into a profitable business by hiring a leading Mobile App Development Company from the market.


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