Top 10 Reasons to Take Your Next Holiday in a Campervan


A road trip is an awesome way to explore a region in depth, allowing you to discover hidden gems and explore well-known attractions along the way. 

Although, there can be some obstacles too, like the necessary planning, packing/unpacking and organisation. There is an easier way, however, and it is becoming more popular as the word gets out. Why not take your accommodation with you on your journey?

When you choose a campervan hire for your next holiday, you no longer have to deal with the most tedious parts of a road trip. Here are the top 10 reasons to take your next holiday in a campervan.

  1. Freedom

Without the trappings of hotel reservations, your travel plans just got a lot easier. If you are exploring a region and find a great place to stop, there is no reason not to! Extend your stay in a newfound favourite place and keep travelling through the ones that don’t take your fancy. Embrace spontaneity and explore interesting places as you stumble upon them along the way.

  1. Price

In comparison to other travel methods, a campervan hire can be much more cost effective. Keep an eye on prices and you will often come across earlybird deals, one-way specials and flash sales. Booking in advance can also save you money, and provides the added benefit of time to pay off the vacation in advance. Depending on your destination, free camping options are widely available, reducing the need to pay site fees. Download the free smart phone app “Discovery Roadtrip” to locate all the free stay campsites in your travel area. 

The cost of food is also a massive factor in the holiday budget, and a campervan provides the ability to both prepare and store food. Even if you don’t want to do any serious cooking on your trip, having some cereal or toast as a breakfast option is one less meal to purchase and time saved, instead of stopping to search for a food outlet.

  1. Comfort

Having your own space to cook, sleep and relax (plus shower and use the bathroom if you opt for a fully self-contained motorhome), is a vacation luxury. This is especially true if the alternative option was tent camping or hostels, but even if you compare it to a motel – travelling in a campervan provides consistency and the feeling of “home” throughout your journey. 

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Bedding, towels and kitchen utensils are provided in most campervan rentals, so you have a lot of extra room in your luggage for necessary items – like the latest novel you’re reading.

  1. Flexibility

You have your entire self-drive itinerary all laid out, and then discover the weather is better in another location? No problem – last minute changes are a non-issue when your accommodation is coming with you everywhere you go. This is a game changer to what would otherwise be a stressful situation, and allows a true “go with the flow” approach to the unexpected.

  1. Amenities

Having a kitchen with you throughout your travels is great for so many reasons. Whether you just want a cup of tea, but don’t want to search for a café… or are travelling with a fussy child who only eats mayonnaise sandwiches; this basic amenity adds so much value to your holiday experience. 

If you select a campervan with a bathroom, then you take freedom to a whole new level. Many vehicles with this facility have the hot water running off gas, which means you can thoroughly enjoy your free camping nights with a relaxing shower. Toilet breaks become much easier too, especially for those with mobility issues, or young children who when they have to go, have to go immediately.

  1. Unpack Once

If you have ever done a road trip holiday by car, then you know how tiresome it is to unpack every night and then have to repack it all the next day when you move on to the next destination. A campervan holiday means you unpack only once, and in doing so, the trip becomes a lot more relaxing. No more worrying about forgetting your charger beside the bed in the previous motel, either. 

  1. Relaxed Mornings
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Sleep in knowing that you don’t need to get up early to pack, have breakfast and check-out of your motel – all by 10am. Likewise, if you’re an early starter, get up and watch the sunset… enjoy a relaxed morning, have a cup of coffee from your own kitchen (where you have already used the cups and don’t need to wash it first before you use it). Enjoy the view of the great outdoors, and get to know other travellers enjoying a similar experience.

  1. Quality Time

Without the unnecessary check-ins, unpacking, repacking, finding somewhere to eat, and early morning checkouts… the quality time with your travelling companions increases significantly. Spend the evenings chatting about your adventure that day, playing board games, listening to music, star-gazing or sitting by a campfire. Let everyone have a say in what stops to make or detours to take, and re-connect with each other, while you disconnect from electronics.

  1. Convenience

Accommodation, amenities and transport… are all taken care of in one simple booking, covering all your most basic needs for an enjoyable vacation. In comparison to making multiple hotel reservations, after having to compare the options of accommodation in each location, plus needing to secure the booking early to ensure you have a place to stay on arrival – it makes a campervan hire the ultimate in convenience. 

  1. The Journey is the Destination

Making the choice to holiday in a campervan, means that every part of your trip is an adventure. A single location becomes less important, because the entire journey to get there is part of the unique experience. At a moment’s notice you can stop for a picnic and take a stroll in nature, or explore a quaint little town that you would otherwise have bypassed. 

If you’re still not convinced, the only solution is to try it at least once, to find out firsthand the exceptional experience of a campervan road trip holiday!


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