Top 10 social listening tools that every marketer should know

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With many people using social media platforms to vent about their experiences with various brands and businesses, social media listening is no longer an option. You need to carefully listen to your audience’s needs and requirements. Also, you will want to see reliable results about your campaigns and the audience’s reaction to them. Understanding the audience’s perception of your competitors’ brands also matters to your brand’s performance and success. You can’t get data about all this from tracking their pages and websites on your own. You will need a reliable social listening tool to perform all this work fast and accurately. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the top tools for social listening, this article will give you some insight about the top ten tools in this matter:


The SentiOne listening tool appeared in the last quarter of 2011. And since then, the tool has been providing users with data collected from monitoring online conversations related to their brands. Integration of AI technology makes SentiOne able to stand out from the crowd, as not many tools are backed with this feature. The tool supports users with bots to respond automatically to clients. This feature makes these brands look responsive and caring, which has a positive impact on their brand image. Also, SentiOne offers the option of performing analysis on collected monitoring data. Also, SnetiOne allows you to track the latest trends in your business. With all this monitoring and listening work, you can make the most of your social presence and increase your brand awareness.

The cost of using a basic package or team plan from SentiOne is $299/mo. Through SentiOne’s website, you can request to know the price of the enterprise plan. If you want to try SnetiOne’s features before purchasing, you can get a demo version.


One of the biggest perks of using this tool is that it lets you manage your different pages on a single platform. Buffer gives you in-depth knowledge about your social performance and content reach. Buffer offers a free publishing tool that allows you to publish your content for free. The tool is not considered pricy, especially if you are going to use the basic package. Essentials and team plans cost $5 to $10 per month. The agency plan costs $100 per month. There is a trial version for 2 weeks to try the paid plans. But generally, the platform will suit your needs if you are running a small business.

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Agorapulse is another efficient tool for managing and monitoring social media. The tool’s most famous features are drafting, tracking, analyzing, and managing social content. The tool provides you with the necessary insights into social interaction with your posts, online business mentions, and the competition scene. Agorapulse comes with various plans to meet the needs of different businesses. You can find prices as low as $79 per month and as high as $399 per month. There is a trial version that lasts up to 28 days.


This is a tool to help marketers and brand owners listen to their fans. Synthesio uses AI features to let you listen to your audience. The tool is equipped to track all relevant discussion about you on various social sources. The platform also enables you to follow the latest buzz and trends in your industry. The tool will make sure that your mention data is really relevant to your business and determined keywords. The tool promises to ignore spam mentions that won’t add value to your monitoring process. In addition to tracking your brand, Synthesio allows you to track the situation of other players in your market. You can use the platform to find out the most recent trends that you can use for your own benefit. On the website, you won’t find the prices or plans offered by the company. However, the platform offers the option of a demo version.


It is another platform for both listening and managing social media channels. It works for publishing content to your various pages at the exact same moment. This is an efficient way to save time instead of waiting to post on one page at a time. As for listening, the tool gives you dynamic analysis of your brand mention data. You can view the data of your competitors if you input their keywords.

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Talkwalker is a decent tool that lets you keep an eye on your social media mentions. Also, it lets you track discussions about you through hashtags all over integrated platforms. The tool’s abilities go beyond tracking social platforms into detecting data from different websites, blogs, and forums. The tool can help you predict the next big buzz in the online world that can benefit your business. The smart features of the tool can gather relevant data even if your name is not directly mentioned and your logo is posted instead.


Awario gives you deep knowledge about conversations involving your brand name directly or your chosen search phrases. With the help of Awario, you can see how your competition is doing when it comes to reaching out to clients. There are 3 different plans on the platform. The cheapest costs $24/mo. The most expensive plan there costs 249 per month. There is a free trial that lasts seven days.


When it comes to making the most of Pinterest, this tool can be a good fit. It is designed to focus on the photo sharing platform. Tailwind is all about detecting mentions, trends, and other competitors on the same platform. Tailwind will provide you with not only solid data, but also analysis on the nature of it.


It is another good option for combining social listening and management. You can count on it to identify the latest trends in your industry. Also, it can be useful for suggesting active influencers who can be a good option for promoting your brand. Analysing the chats all over the internet about your brand is a core mission of this tool. For $49.99 per month, you will have access to the basic plan.


Whenever there a chat about your brand, keyhole will collect its data and perform analysis on it. The platform has the feature of launching crawlers all over the internet to find the necessary data. Through analytic reports and charts, you can know exactly how people think of your brand. Tracking competition and identifying influencers are also among the tool’s many features.


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