Top 3 Bread Toaster Brands That You Should Know About

Top Bread Toaster Brands

It is difficult to imagine a savory breakfast without toast. The crisp texture on the outside and soft interior make a slice of bread so enjoyable that it will brighten your day. What will ruin your day is a poor toaster. The top 3 bread toaster brands by sales and product quality can still have bad toasters in their lineup that will ruin your breakfast. If you are planning to replace your existing toaster, it may be worthwhile to limit your search to the big brands or the big players that make decent small kitchen appliances. 

#3. Cuisinart

As a brand, Cuisinart is known for having premium build quality with a reasonable price tag. Their Two-Slice classic and the Four-Slice (CPT-435) are their top sellers and for the most part, they do the job very well. The downside is that they are rarely in stock and both of them have a stainless steel finish that is just a nightmare to clean. As for the toast itself, the two toasters make evenly toasted bread. What some will find annoying is that Cuisinart makes some of their toasters with a loud beeper that lets you know when it has finished. It is the only out of the top 3 bread toaster brands that do this.

#2. Breville

Breville is yet another American brand that has expanded globally. What puts the brand above Cuisinart is its diversity in terms of products. They have at least 20 different toasters which are great for diversity but it would be unrealistic to expect all of them to perform the same. Some of their lower-tier toasters are incapable of an even toast. It would be better to limit your search to the mid and top-tier toasters and probably go for something that has not a stainless steel finish. You can get a stainless steel one if you do not mind fingerprints and smudges.

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#1. Delonghi

Out of the top 3 bread toaster brands, Delonghi is probably the most well-known out of them. You can walk for a thousand miles and you would still not be able to find someone that did not hear of the brand. Just like with any other brand, they do have a lot of toaster models available. Regardless of what budget you have available, you can find a Delonghi toaster. The cheaper models are alright. They get the job done. If you are more demanding with the quality of the toast, you should limit your search to their Argento, Distinta, and Icona toasters. They are part of the premium line-up in both build quality, fit, and finish and how well they make toast. All of them can be found in a stainless steel finish or painted in various colors such as white, blue, red, green, or black.

Out of the top 3 bread toaster brands, Delonghi takes the prize in terms of global reach and sales. This does not mean that it is the absolute best brand out there. What it means is that their products are regarded highly for their balanced build quality and price. If consumers would not see the value in their products, their sales and brand would have not grown so much.


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