Top 5 Low-Fee Crypto Exchanges Available

Low-Fee Crypto

Now that cryptocurrency has gained a lot of mainstream attention, more and more people are joining in the trend every day. And the first step to doing so is buying some coins in an exchange.  There are major companies like Coinbase that offer this kind of service. However, bigger platforms like Coinbase usually demand bigger fees, and that’s not always ideal. The good news is, there are alternative exchanges that are as reliable but have much lower fees. We will discuss each of them and Low-Fee Crypto in this article.

Why Fees Matter- Low-Fee Crypto

Many individuals, especially beginners, don’t seem to realize how much fees can affect their crypto investments in the long run. Indeed, they are a hassle, but fees are an inevitable part of investing. Even though using the exchange has a fee, you don’t want to pay any more than what’s necessary.

Coinbase is one of the most fee-heavy exchanges around. On most transactions, they charge more than 2%. It might not seem much at first, but an average of 20.2%+  to 3% per per transaction is something to keep an eye out for. Please note that, while they have high fees, these two examples are far superior to utilizing a non-crypto brokerage like Robinhood to acquire coins as they have even higher premiums and do not even allow you to withdraw crypto..

Still, other crypto-exclusive exchanges out there offer fees as little as 0.2% for every transaction, making them the optimal choice for everyone who wants to get the most profits out of their cryptocurrency investments.

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Best Crypto Exchanges with the Lowest Fees

While there’s many cryptocurrency exchanges out there, these are the best ones if you’re looking for a trustworthy low-fee option in our opinion:

1) Gemini

Gemini is one of the world’s most prominent bitcoin exchanges. It has a good reputation in the cryptocurrency space because of the security it provides. But it also has other adequate highlights.

Gemini allows trading in dollars as well as euros. And their costs are less than half of what Coinbase takes despite being one of the most reputable exchanges right now. Gemini also has several altcoin trading pairs for coins that aren’t available on most established exchanges.

Gemini does have a staking feature which as talked about in many guides to earning cryptocurrency is a very good way to earn yield on crypto.

2) UniSwap

This isn’t your typical exchange. It’s a DeFi exchange, which means that, depending on network congestion, it could be the cheapest option or even a free one. This is due to the fact that there is no middleman taking a fee, only two independent parties trying to trade peacefully.

When purchasing in a decentralized system, there are zero fees. However, due to network costs, this isn’t always the case. This is useful to keep in mind, especially when Ethereum 2.0 and other scaling options for DeFi are adopted more and more. like Polygon gain traction. 

3) Voyager

Voyager is a young cryptocurrency exchange that has recently been causing a stir. That’s because the company declared that it won’t charge any fees on any trades. Interesting, right? But when you do a little bit of digging, you’ll find that that is false.

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They do have fees charged in the background. Nevertheless, their fees are lower compared to leading exchanges. While they do impose fees, they’re insignificant in comparison to that of the likes of Coinbase. 

Voyager is one of the few exchanges that offer sign-up bonuses, so make sure to look for one before signing up if you decide to go with them. It can get you $25+ in rewards, which helps you pay for the fees they charge.

4) Kraken

While Kraken is another well-known crypto exchange with lower costs than its more sizable competitors, it is just as organized and reputable, if not more so, than Coinbase.

Their pricing and platform are identical to that of Gemini’s. Its platform features a decent user interface and numerous altcoin trading pairs to choose from.

5) Binance

Although Binance has lower service charges than most exchanges, it is tough for newcomers to use because the user interface is perplexing and hard to operate. 

They have cheaper costs than Kraken and have a larger number of cryptocurrency trading pairs. However, many don’t trust them easily because of their ties to China, which isn’t supposed to be a factor when choosing a dependable exchange.

The Bottomline

There are several low-fee crypto exchanges easily accessible, but you will have to do your homework before purchasing any cryptocurrency. Before picking what platform to work with, take this page as a starting point and dig deeper into their security measure and their status in general before deciding which you want to work with.

When it comes to low-cost exchanges, we would recommend that you use Voyager or Binance as Voyager is the best exchange for newbies while Binance is probably the best for crypto and trading experts.Gemini. In our experience, they provide the most satisfactory value for trust balance.


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