Top 5 Mean Stack Developer Skills 2022

Stack Developer Skills

MEAN’s technology stack focuses on a free, user-friendly, and open-source JavaScript stack for building dynamic websites and robust web applications. MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS make up MEAN (N). 

It is all JavaScript-based from the client to the server and back again. It provides a streamlined method for creating web-based application prototypes.

Full-stack JS hybrid apps benefit significantly from the MEAN stack, which has long been regarded as the best choice for generating high-quality code quickly. Because of its open-source nature, the use of a common language on both the client and server-side, a well-organized technology setup, and a flexible development model, developers are eager to learn this technology.

MEAN is built on the following four pillars, and you can learn these during a Mean stack developer Training.

MongoDB – Developed in C++, MongoDB is a popular, cross-platform database. An object in OOPS looks like a single MongoDB document.

ExpressJS is one of the best server-side frameworks out there. ExpressJS is ideal for creating single- and multi-page web applications. Templates are supported using the Pug engine.

AngularJS – A web and mobile application framework developed by Google, AngularJS has played an essential role in developing and testing apps with MVC and MVVM architectures.

NodeJS – Incorporating NodeJS into full-stack development, web, mobile, and desktop applications is common among startups and large corporations alike. There is always a chance to hire a full stack developer that is a true professional.

In addition to Google, Netflix, Accenture, LinkedIn, Vungle, and other well-known companies, the MEAN stack is used by many smaller companies, including and UNIQLO.

Definition of Mean Stack Developer: What is this term?

As a JavaScript-based application programmer, a MEAN Stack Developer primarily works with the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS). The backend and the frontend of an application are both written in JavaScript, so a Mean stack developer must be well-versed in JavaScript. Read how to Hire JavaScript Developer in 2022: A Practical Guide

  1. JavaScript

Astonishment at JavaScript! A solid understanding of “vanilla” JS, which serves as the foundation for all of these frameworks, is a good starting point for a full-stack MEAN developer. Javascript syntax knowledge is essential for a successful MEAN stack developer. In this course, you’ll learn how to write functions, manipulate the DOM, and create objects without the aid of third-party tools.

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  1. Research Skills

It’s common for people to think of research as a “soft skill,” but it’s not. MEAN developers need to know this as much as any other piece of technical knowledge. Talking through the steps of an issue and identifying the specific problem is a hallmark of an excellent MEAN stack developer. Google or Stack Overflow is used to see how other people have dealt with the same issue. It could save a developer hours or even days in the long run.

  1. MongoDB

JSON-like documents are stored in the MongoDB database, the first in the MEAN stack. Information about users, posts on your blog, or products in your backend – anything you’ll need to index and refer to repeatedly. MEAN full-stack developers working on the back end need to be comfortable with MongoDB queries. Get to know more about this during a Mean stack developer Training.

  1. Express

Using Node.js as its foundation, Express is a Javascript backend framework. You’ll be able to build web applications and APIs much more quickly. A few lines of code instead of a hundred nested HTTP responses is what the developer can expect when using Express.

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  1. Angular

Javascript framework Angular developed by Google for frontend applications. A MEAN stack component that allows developers to populate and manipulate the DOM. Angular is in charge of all user interaction on the front end. Frontend developers love it because it has a strong community of well-documented tutorials and high-quality plugins.

  1. Node.js

Node, the “N” in the MEAN stack, is a Javascript-based server environment that is free and open source. It’s a convenient way to transfer data back and forth between your client and server. It means that even the most rudimentary web applications rely on it.

  1. NPM

The Node Project Manager, or NPM, is crucial for any Javascript development toolkit. MEAN full-stack developers have to deal with package distribution during the development process because it is the most popular Javascript package resource.

  1. Git
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They are reverting to an earlier version of a project in the event of a bug discovery. Learning to use the Git CLI (Command Line Interface) for new MEAN developers is daunting. Long-term, however, learning how to use the development environment’s commit, push, and pull functions will save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Gain more knowledge on it during a Mean stack developer Training.

  1. UNIX Command Line

One of the cheapest and most rewarding skills a MEAN stack developer can acquire is command line knowledge (e.g., navigating file paths, creating and deleting files).

  1. Agile Development

It’s another “soft skill” that can be just as important as a piece of technical knowledge for a MEAN developer to know how to work in an agile development environment.

Is Mean Stack Developer’s Future in Doubt?

It’s a highly sought-after and challenging career path for a Mean stack developer. It is easy to become a successful MEAN stack developer if you’re prepared to work on a wide range of skills and experience various programming languages and applications. After getting experience as a mean stack developer, you can quickly progress to Application Architecture (Technical Architect) in the future.


Creating dynamic websites and applications using the MEAN family of technologies is a modern and user-friendly interface that is easy to learn. Using it, you can create a simple, flexible, open-source solution that can be highly profitable. If this isn’t enough, MEAN stack developers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. An increase in hiring MEAN stack developers is expected shortly.

To master the MEAN stack and come up with numerous solutions, you need to be perfect and have knowledge of everything there is to know about it. Using an experienced IT partner will help you get the best possible service – flexible and dynamic MEAN apps developed by MEAN developers with extensive experience. You can learn all these skills during the Mean stack developer Training. 


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