Top 5 Movies Based on Video Games

Video Games

Traditionally, game developers get inspired by successful movies. They created a ton of great video games that were based on the plots of trending films. For instance, Spiderman is a popular video game that follows the movie’s plot that has the same name. The popularity of the film brought a lot of new players. 

However, there is a controversial phenomenon. Sometimes the plot of video games is extraordinary and very interesting. These days, there are a lot of movies that were created following trendy video games. In the post below, we will review the most top-rated films that follow famous video games.


Warcraft is one of the most recognized films in the world. It is a strategy that needs players to choose one from two different fractions: the Alliance and Horde. Each of them implies a lot of different nations. Mainly, the Alliance is represented by people, while the Horde is home to ogres and other creatures. Players are required to extract resources, build facilities, train the army, and explore new territories. They also have to conquer an opponent’s team to win. 

The game implies a lot of different iterations because it was extremely popular for many years. Therefore, it was decided to make a movie that is based on a video game. The Warcraft film was released in 2016. It followed the main idea, showing the worlds of People and Orges. However, the plot is entirely different, which makes the movie interesting to watch. Also, people got allured by great graphics of fictional words and characters. 

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Hitman: Agent 47

In a nutshell, the Hitman video game is a shooter that needs gamers to play as the world’s best assassin. They have to complete different missions that force them to develop plans and shoot a lot. The Hitman is also known as Agent 47, an artificially grown soldier that is stronger and more intelligent than other people. He didn’t study at a college. However, he wouldn’t experience any issues in coming up with stunning write a paper for me ideas or writing academic papers if he became a student. 

The Hitman: Agent 47 movie was released in 2015. The leading character is the same powerful assassin who does his best to complete a mission. But, unfortunately, the government and powerful criminal groups don’t want him to succeed. So, according to the plot, Agent 47 is forced to fight many trained soldiers and hide from the police chase to get the order done.

Tron: Legacy

It originated as an arcade game that forced two players to compete with each other. Players have to drive bikes that leave a trace of corresponding colors. It’s forbidden to cross the traces left by other players. Otherwise, they lose a game. Further, the video game became available on desktops, keeping the high level of popularity. The movie appeared in 2010 and was highly rated. According to the plot, the leading character gets into a computer game with the help of a strange device. He is forced to participate in racing matches on bikes that leave deadly traces to win and return to the real world. 

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Need for Speed

It is a legendary video game. It brings players into the world of illegal racing. They have to start having a default car, win races to earn money and invest in tweaking their vehicles or purchasing new ones. Since racings are illegal, players are also required to rush fast not to get captured by police. It makes the game so popular and distinctive from a pile of other video games of the same genre.

In 2014, the Need for Speed film appeared on screens. The leading character also was involved in illegal racing on fast cars. After an accident that took his friend’s life, he decided to take revenge. It needed him to get a fast car to escape a chase and win a race. Despite the presence of expensive cars and impressive racings, the movie wasn’t rated high by the audience. Nevertheless, it is still worth watching if you’re a fan of the NFC video game and spent a lot of time virtually gaining experience in illegal racing. 

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a series of video games about a skilled person who has to explore abandoned places looking for some artifacts. The search for treasure is always related to a large number of risks. Therefore, players are required to solve puzzles and develop ideas on finding treasure and getting out of traps. Also, they need to stay safe from other criminals who are also in search of artifacts.

The movie was released in 2018. The leading character is a girl forced to find treasure to save her father, joining a criminal mission. She had to tackle a lot of challenges to find an artifact and outsmart gangsters to escape.


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