Let’s agree that our lives are very busy. You waQuinta de Cima Golf Courseke up in the morning and after breakfast, you all head to your work. At night, you came home tired and frustrated with your works. That is the moment when you realize you need vacations to energize your battery. Vacation doesn’t mean that taking off from job (temporary) and just sitting at home watching movies. It means to get out of your home and do something creative. Hangouts, get together, playing golf at Quinta de Cima Golf Course, and many more.

Ever thought of having a world tour? It is possible and it is a guarantee that you won’t forget this time in your whole life. The best time to travel is during summer or winter. However, many people prefer summer because, in winter, cold weather is all about sitting at home in front of the hearth. That is very wrong thinking because there are places which are amazing when visited during winter. In this blog, we will share the top 5 places which you should visit during winters in 2020.


Portugal is the most visited place in the whole of Europe. If we check the statistics of people visiting European countries, Portugal will take the lead. You might be wondering why people visit Portugal so much? Because of its ancient history and amazing buildings.

In addition, the Algarve (southern region of Portugal) is the favorite place for visitors. It is a long stretch of beaches and towns from Lagos to Faro.

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Quinta de Cima Golf Course

You can even take a break by playing golf at Quinta de Cima Golf Course. As a matter of fact, Quinta de Cima Golf Course is also famous worldwide. Many golfers travel to Portugal just to play golf in Quinta de Cima Golf Course. Cozy clubhouse, as well as the good terrace, makes it a perfect place to play golf.


Many people visit Hawaii because of surfing but Hawaii isn’t limited to surfing. The best time to visit Hawaii is from November to April (Winter Season) however, most people visit Hawaii from February to March.

The amazing part of Hawaii is the North Shore’s (Oahu) breaking especially in winter. Furthermore, you might also witness whales in Kauai. In addition, the cost increases in December but it decreases from February and March. You can visit many near islands too.

New Zealand

The next gorgeous place on our list is New Zealand. Because of United Airlines as well as American Airlines, New Zealand is one of the places which is frequently visited. You must be thinking that what is so special about Kiwis, it is our guarantee you that it is worth the hype.

Whether you spend your afternoons in wine tasting (Sauvignon Blanc) or spend your mornings on helicopter hiking glaciers (Southern Alps), you will find everything that you ever dream of.


You might also find Belize amazing because of the topographical features. As a matter of fact, both countries have united so that they can provide amazing travel destinations that you won’t forget. Do experience the lush jungles, delectable cocktails, and tropical ambiance, Belize is very famous for them.

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Thanks to the amazing Turkish Airlines (not to forget the amazing service), today Turkey is also a great place for tourism. You can visit Turkey anytime however, the best time for visiting Turkey is during the winter season. The reason is that it makes Turkey gorgeous than ever. You should visit Cappadocia (Central Anatolia) during winter.

Hot air ballooning is very popular in that region. In fact, it is very famous that you will find many pictures on social media. Do you know Cappadocia’s rock was formed because of volcanic eruption over almost 3 million years ago? Furthermore, the terrain has a moon-like texture which will make you feel as if you are on the moon. There are many more features which you find eye-catching.


Vacations are important for everyone to take a break from their busy life. The objective is to get relax from the busy world. There are many places where you can spend your holidays. People think that the summer season is the best time to spend vacations however this is not true. There are many places where you will enjoy the most in the winter season so start packing your bags because these places are waiting for you.



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